Chapter 2

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(Gemini Pov)

The Time As Come. Let's See How Good We Are.

"By The Way You Wont Need To Worry Bout Gilani... He Wont Be Here" I Said As We Rolled Up To My Parents Holiday Cabin.

"Your Brother?" Tay Asked.

"Yeah Him" I Said Then I Came To A Hault In Front Of My Parents Cabin.

"Why? If I May Ask" Tay Said.

"He Has Stuff To Do" I Said.

"Oh Alright" She Said. I Popped The Trunk As The Help Came And Carried Out Our Bags And TD Made His Way Into The Cabin.

The Guard Men Approached Us And As Usual I Greeted Them. "Wassup James..." I Said Giving Him A Handshake.

"Gemini, Glad To Have You Back" He Said.

"Glad To Be Back" I Said Closing My Door.

"And The Lucky Lady?" He Said.

"My Girl Taylor" I Said Taking Her Hand In Mines.

"Nice To Meet You Taylor" He Said Kissing Her Hand.

"Tryna Steal Her Aren't You?" I Joked.

"As Beautiful As She Is I'm Sure A Lot Of People Try That Huh?" He Told Me. "Ma Your Beautiful" He Said Complimenting Taylor.

"Thank You" She Said Smiling.

"No Problem... I Only Speak The Truth" He Said.

"You've Grown To Be Man" A Voice Said Beside Me.

When I Turned It Was Shane. Shane Was Also A Guard Men But He Basically Raised Me. My Father Was Always Gone So He Was Always On Watch. He Was The One To Always Crash My Partys Or Pick Me Up From Jail. It Was Always Him Or His Cousin Logan.

"And You Don't Look A Day Over Old Man" I Teased. Then I Gave Shane A Hug. I Just Had To.

"I Miss You Son" He Said.

"I Miss You To Old Man" I Said. Then We Parted.

"Glad Your Back In One Piece" He Said.

"I'm Keeping Up" I Said.

"And The Lucky Lady?" He Asked Then Paused. "Taylor?" He Said.

"You Remember Me?" Taylor Said.

"How Can I Forgot Saving You From This Rascal Here" He Said Head Pointing Towards Me. "Plus Those Pretty Little Dimples Gave You Away" He Added.

"Mister Good Sir" Tay  Said.

"No Matter How Much Times I Told You My Name You Always Called Me Mister Good Sir" Shane Said.

"For Now On I'll Call You Shane" Tay Said.

"You Can Call Me Whatever You Want Tay... Pops Or Even Mister Good Sir Just As Years Ago" Shane Said And Him And Tay Shared A Laugh.

"Forget Me I'm Not Here" I Said.

"Nobody Forgot You" Tay Said.

"You Know I Knew Y'all Would Grow To Be Together" He Said.

"Why You Say That?" Tay Said. "Are You Future Teller?" Tay Asked.

"Fortune Teller Babe" I Said.

"He's Not Telling Fortunes He Was Predicting The Future" Tay Said.

"Defeated?" Shane Asked Me.

"Defeated" I Answered.

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