Chapter 1

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In The Photobox Above: Tay

1 Week Later... (Taylor Pov)

The Day Had Come That I Leave And Get Into My Acting Mode. Who Would've Thought Of It My Ex Bully Of Needing My Help. But I'll Help Cause Hey I Need The Money. Its All Business.

"Tay Please Don't Make Me Come In There And Drag You Out" Gemini Yelled From Outside.

"Wait Damn It" I Yelled Back. "Such A Bully" I Said To Myself.

"He Can Be A Be Like That Sometimes" I Heard A Familiar Voice Say. "He Wouldn't Really Drag You" He Added.

"Is It In Your Blood To Pop Up On People Unannounced Teddy?" I Asked.

"Maybe... Maybe Not" He Said.

"I Hope Your Not Still Mad At Me?" I Ask. Last Night I Finally Told Teddy What I Was Doing For His Cousin And He Was Pretty Pissed Off.

"Why Would I Be Mad?" He Said.

"You Sounded Pretty Mad Last Night" I Said.

"I Was Only Mad Cause You Ain't Tell Me" He Said. "Plus I Was Gone Invite You Anyways" He Added.

"Noooo" I Said Unsure.

"Yess Tay I Was" He Said.

"Awww So Thoughtful Wish I Could Say The Same For Your Cousin" I Said.

"He Have It In Him Just Need Some Love That's All" He Said.

"Really Do" I Said.

"By The Way Do Gem Know Why You Agreed To Do It?" He Asked.

"No He Never Asked So I Never Seen A Reason To Mention It.. He Needs A Girlfriend And I Need Some Fast Money" I Said. "He So Generous" I Sarcastically Added.

"That's My Cousin" He Said.

"Y'all Are So Different" I Said.

"Ofcourse We Are Chubby... Same Blood Different Personalitys" He Said.

"Can You Call Me Something Else Other Than Chubby?" I Asked.

"What? You Don't Like It?" He Asked.

"No Especially Cause It Makes Me Feel Fat" I Said.

"Although You Were Fat When You Were Young..." He Said.

"Way To Insult Me" I Said.

"But I've Been Calling You Chubby Since We Were Kids" He Said.

"I Know" I Said.

"My Bad Chubby" He Said. "But Chubby Was Only For Your Cheeks Ma..." He Said Then Paused To Look At Me.

"What?" I Said.

"There Still Cute And Chubby As They Always Were" Teddy Said.

"If You Say So" I Said.

I Shook My Head Then Continued Sticking All My Keep Me Busy On A Trip Items Into My Little Duffle Bag.

"I'm Gone Call You Cheeks For Now On Ima Drop Chubby" He Said Observing My Room.

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