TX006 - Zombieschlager (Part 2)

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Transmitting at a continuous dimensional rate of 13 realities per minute, this is the wavelength you're looking for - The SubverCity Transmit.



Penny for your thoughts, SubverCitizens! Are you are all on the edge of your seats because I left you hanging off a cliff? Are you just chomping at the bit to hear the second part of Zombieschlager? I'm going to cut to the chase and briefly recap part 1 for you.

- We know there was a zombie uprising where the nation just seemed to go to hell in a handbasket

- During which Ray added insult to injury by confessing to his wife that he'd been cheating on her with men

- When neither of them kicked the bucket, Ray made a vow to never fool around with men again.

- But a leopard can't change his spots and Ray decides to go out on the town.

- There Ray meets up with an old friend, a drag queen named Jezebel, who drinks the new alcoholic beverage, Zombieschlager, like a fish even though she heard through the grapevine that drinking too much of it can change your insides.

- We were also introduced to Zarcasso Industry technology, though it costs an arm and a leg to purchase

- Annnd to make a long story short, Ray gets picked up by the much younger mystery man, Benji

In the heat of the moment, Ray was faced with making the decision to either be true to his promise to his wife OR cheat on her with the hot guy from the bar.

Is Benji a blessing in disguise or has Ray bitten off more than he can chew? Your guess is as good as mine.

And now - part 2 with just a little reminder that it is ...


Not. For. Kids.


["Zombieschlager" (Part 2) by Belwoeth Harbright is this episode's story. Ray, a husband in a world post zombie uprising, is tempted to cheat on his wife with a hot young mystery man, Benji. The young man is the curator of a "recent history" museum and he retells the story of the zombie uprising and how the nation survived, which is, coincidentally, also the story of the origin of the new alcoholic beverage, Zombieschlager. ]



Well... I bet some of you listeners smelled a rat and thought Ray would get saved by the bell but I guess Ray got a little taste of his own medicine in the end.

Side note! A few of those new SubverCitizens that came down after Halloween got together and started selling off the trinkets they brought with them at a shipyard sale. I got invited by one of the girls that was in my orientation group and YOU GUYS, this book of idioms I picked up is UH-MAZING. (The girl is kind of amazing too. Kinda hope she's not listening though.)

I'm hoping the book helps me communicate a bit better with the new imports. And I'm thinking of starting to leak some of my transmissions to the upper AdverCity so they know we exist.

A little housekeeping citizens! All ships are shipshape, all trains are on track, the steamers are adding fuel to their fires, the busses are ready to go the extra mile, the bikers are high on their hogs, the rickshaw drivers are off on the right foot, the sailors have learned the ropes and all crews are in the same boat (just kidding... they're on their own boats).

[Giggling] Am I driving you up a wall yet?


IN OTHER WORDS - All SubverCity Station methods of travel are now back up and fully operational following the fall break and pretty soon we'll be lowering our temperatures.

So now's probably a good time to pull your fluffy scarves out of storage and if you're a fur-covered being, grow out your winter coats. It's about to be prime time for snuggles.

Until next time, I remain yours, because... I Am.




[Whispering] If you can hear this... it worked.

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