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Chapter One

      She absentmindedly twirled a strand of hair around her finger as she stared at the glowing screens.  Glowing screens lined the wall, masses of cables tangling around everywhere.  There was barely any space to move around in the small apartment room.

      Somehow the girl had managed to squeeze a double bed in the center of it all, on it she had multiple keyboards and computer mice in all different colors.  Around the bed were different systems, for television, and computers.

      Her dark hair looked more like a bloody red than black, the strange lighting making it seem even redder.  Her dark wavy hair was kept at bay with a black ribbon, but was already coming undone after a long night of work at her computers.

      She stretched, her shoulders popping as she did so.

      “Break time,” she thought out loud, getting up from sitting on her feet and walking around the keyboards and different headphones and mice on the bed, careful not to disturb the setup.

      She stood up and left the main room, stepping past the bathroom in the little hall and turned to the miniature fridge stuck in a little space (probably intended for a lamp or something of the sort) right before the small kitchen past the next door, pulling the fridge open and getting out a can of coffee.

      She cracked the tab and downed nearly the whole thing in a single gulp, crushing the empty can with her hands before tossing it into the wastebasket she had placed on top of the fridge, which was filled with nothing but coffee cans and a few wrappers.

      She reopened the fridge and grabbed another can, bringing it with her to her bed and putting on one of the many headsets.  She listened intently to the radio from her portable system her headsets were plugged into, sighing when all there was on was bad news being broadcasted.

      Hearing her stomach growl, the girl sighed, pushing her glasses up her small round nose, the glasses not doing much to help her see with her mess of hair in her face.  She got back up, grabbing a jacket from the floor and pulling it on, sticking the can of coffee in her pocket before opening the door of her apartment, locking the door behind her and hooking her ring of keys around the belt of her long pants.

      She walked through the dreary building, headed for the stairwell, passing the room of the boy a little older than her whom was almost never home.  She had seen him a few times, but he had always been dressed in black and wearing a cap on his head and never spoke much.

      Once she remembered he had said hallo in passing by, surprising her so much she could not get a word out.  He had laughed and handed her a can of coffee, getting her hooked on it.  Now that was her favorite drink, and it was one of the few things she had in her fridge.

      Outside it was cool, not so cool she needed a jacket, but it was getting there.  At least the air smelt better than inside her apartment building, which reeked of death.  She knew the trees in the park were changing their colors.  Soon winter would come, meaning she would have more work to do.

      She walked a ways into the city, large hovercraft passing by as she walked, passing by all sorts of buildings, and vendors selling food among other things.

      Headed to her favorite stand, where she knew the person who worked there.

      “One Döner please!” she called, waving her hand in front of the boy’s face.  He had his nose stuck in a book and was sitting atop a stool while waiting for customers.  Apparently, business had been slow that day, since he never really read books.

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