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Sam hadn't spoken to me in nearly a week. No matter what I did, he didn't want to talk to me about anything. It was Wednesday morning now and I was sick of it, I was leaving in an hour and if he wasn't going to speak to me now then he might not get to for another few months, or, at least until I sorted out this latest coven.

My plan was simple, Sammy was currently lying out by the pool, so I was going to sneak around the back entrance behind where he was lying, that way he wouldn't be able to see me. Once I reached the corner of the house, I was going to launch my attack, I would start with the water balloons, this would startle him and give me time to ready the water gun, once I have sprayed him a sufficient amount I would abandon all weapons and go for a full on blitzkrieg strategy. Tackle him into the pool. If he didn't at least yell at me after this, then I don't know what would get him talking.

Strapping the messenger bag full of balloons to my black, bikini clad chest, I then pumped the massive watergun until it was ready. I stalked down the open courtyard, using an unnecessary amount of stealth by hiding behind palm trees and statues. Reaching the wall, I clung close to it as I poked my head around the corner, double checking he was still lying on the deck chair in his board shorts. Time to commence operation get Sam talking to me.

"BOMBS AWAY!" I flung the first water balloon round the corner, missing Sam by a millimetre and causing him to sit up in surprise. I then swiftly threw the next two balloons, one hitting him square in the face, the other exploding against his bronzed chest. His expression was priceless. His face moved sharply in my direction, a look of pure anger passing across his features. I swung the gun over my shoulder next, squeezing the trigger as a spray of water burst across his body. He rapidly stood up, and twisted his body towards me, but I was faster. I dropped the gun and sprinted full force across the pavement, running faster with each step I took, I crossed the short distance in half a second, tackling him at the waist and straight into the cerulean blue waters of the pool, the splash reaching several metres past the waters edge.

I resurfaced almost instantly, glancing around me, looking for Sam. The next thing I know is my foot is being tugged from below, plunging me back under the water and bringing me face to face with the angriest looking 17 year old I have ever seen. Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

I glugged in a mouthful of water, his retaliation catching me by surprise. When Sam saw this he immediately let me go, I floated back to the surface and started swimming over to the pools edge, gripping the tiles I spluttered my guts up, Sam patting my back as if he was trying to burp a baby. At least he wasn't trying to kill me.

"... You alright Ro?" His question caught me off guard, the sincerity in his voice further prompting me to wonder if he truly was the kindest kid in the world.

A grin burst across my face, Sammy looked at me as if I had gone bonkers, but I didn't care; the boy was speaking to me again!

'yeah Sammy, I'm great... now that you are speaking to me again." His own mouth tilted upwards in the corners, the faint outline of a smile appearing on his cheeks as his eyes twinkled in response.

"I wasn't gonna stay mad at you forever Ro, I just wish you were around more. I feel like I haven't spent time with you in forever. And lets be honest, Dad's not exactly the most exciting company."

"I HEARD THAT!" the faint shout of Nelson's voice from the overlooking office bay window echoed out across the pool as we each looked up to see Nelson with the window pushed open, half his torso leaning out the frame laughing at our antics.

"STOP EAVSDROPPING OLDMAN!" shouted Sam, his reply merely causing Nelson to chuckle wholeheartedly before shaking his head in amusement and pulling the window firmly shut again by the latch.

"I know Sam, but I need to get away from Nels- sorry, Dad, sometimes. I swear, after this trip I will stay home for a few months, I'll spend so much time annoying you that you'll grow sick of me." I gave him a smile and pushed myself out of the pool, leaning back down to offer Sammy a hand. He just looked at my hand before pushing himself out by one hand, trying to show me up. He stood tall next to me and leant an elbow on my shoulder, making me wonder when he had suddenly grown up, and how I had been gone so long that I seemed to have missed it. It was times like these when I felt the most guilt, what sort of big sister was I?

"Now hurry up, if you don't leave now you won't get to the job by Friday... and as much as I don't want you to go, I also don't want you to be late."

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