Websites, tips and tricks to help your writing

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So I don't expect this to get a ton of reads, at all, but it's here for the few people that will read it.

I find a lot of websites that give tips and tricks on writing, but I don't write...So I had this awesome idea to share them with all you wattpadders, because that's the kind of girl I am (;

I'll include a link and description of what the website is for, enjoy (:

Comments would be awesome, but not really necessary. But you know what is necessary? Checking out my friends story, so go do that, (after you read this)

AlexKuretich--The Third.


Autocrit, it's awesome. There is a free online version, but you do have to pay for the full thing, sadly. What you do, is write or paste your story into the box, then click Analyze. It reads through your story and tells you words you over used, repeated too much, if you used any cliches and stuff like that. It is a really good website. Check it out!


Other words for said, in alphabetical order. I read too many stories on here that are just 'I said this', 'she said that' put some description in there!


This is the homepage for #2. It's got other great tips like transition words and 'dead' words. There's also brainstorming ideas.


Cliche Finder. Type in any word and it gives you different words or phrases to use so you don't get boring.


This takes you step by step through getting an idea, to writing, to getting published (Incase you want to be published?)  I didn't read through all of it, because it's a lot to read, but it is a good website.


Writing tips!..don't roll your eyes and say 'duhh', that's what it's called. There's tips on fighting back to writers block, plot tips and tricks, writing for suspense and tension, it's a good website.

So, I think 6 websites is enough for now. When I find some other good ones I'll make a new chapter. If you guys have any websites then I would love to look at them! Now I wanted to put this in the begining, but I also just wanted to get to the point. So this is a little blurb about me:

Hi, my name is Dana. I'm 16 and live in Michigan. I'm interesting? I guess that's a good way to put it. I edit stories on wattpad, and make covers for people. I guess editing stories is the reason I made this. I was getting too many (good) stories with bad mistakes. So I guess that wraps it up. If you ever need or want me to make you a cover, fan art, or read over your story in the making then just message me, I will be happy to help.

& Again, check out my friends story (;

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