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Hey guys!

So I wanna start my Youmacon cosplay early and buy one. Problem is, the one I wanna buy, is over $100. No. I'm not asking for a donation, I'm asking for help.

All you guys have to do is download a FREE app called CashForApps. Once you download it, sign up (IT'S STILL FREE), and a pop up should appear saying something like 'was this recommend to you?'. Type in the code 12aa43, which is my code. Then do one simple download. The lower the points on the right side of the screen, the easier the task. When you download that one app and accomplish the apps task, I will receive 45 points, you guys will receive 20 each.

Now you guys can keep this if you want, everything is free. You can buy gift cards for Amazon ($5-$10), Ebay ($5), ITunes ($5-$25), Gap and Old Navy ($10), Walmart ($5), and ePremiere Movie Tickets ($8.03), Playstation ($10-$20), Xbox ($15).

Please guys, if you could do me this one favor, I would really appreciate it!! I'll even update all my stories! If that can even pay back for everything you guys have already done to me. If you comment when you do that, that would rock. I could keep track!

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