Chapter Fifteen

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As predicted, Rashad was fine with the wedding. Before the formal wedding, Zaid took Lottie back to Melbourne to spend time with her family. Her crazy, adorable family, in full swing in celebration of their wedding, having them visiting. Once they arrived on the doorstep, everyone turned up at her mother's calling, and friends.

Lottie kept Zaid close to her side, very protective of him, against her family. Laughing he gathered her into his arms. "Darling you have nothing to protect me against them, they're your family."

"They are artistic."

He swayed her in his arms, and kissed her cheek. "I'd survive." She twisted in her arms to face him to share a long and lingering kiss, his ring on her finger. A hand ran over her shapely jean clad bottom pressing her hard against him.

"Is that allowed?" she dared against his softened inviting lips.

"Here, yes."

Her eyes widened. "Yes?"

"Yes." Her arm went around his neck to kiss him vigorously to have a rowdy cheers and clapping. "However..."

"I know, I know, in our room."

"Our rooms?"

"Yes, our rooms," she insisted.

"So, my princess is becoming forceful," he noted, rocking her in his arms.

"I have to, to survive you."

"No," he sighed. "You're my greatest love and always will be. I love you Charlotte, don't ever doubt that." He could see her flickering doubt. "What is it?"

"We would never be parted again?" she asked.

"How so?"

She stepped closer pressing against him. "Never, ever, make me feel so worthless again."

He frowned. "When did I do that?! When Charlotte?" he asked devastated, becoming still to make her gasp. He never meant to. Briefly she closed her eyes.

"Sorry, my fault. I was confused, and hurting Zaid," to see he had always loved her.

"When Charlotte," he insisted.

She gulped, wishing now she had kept her mouth shut as his eyes bored into her, determined. "On the plane back home from Greece."

He cursed under his breath. "I'm so sorry, habibti. I never meant to make you feel that way. I had to keep my distance. I had broken all the rules concerning you. I should never had touched you, but how could I not, my love. My beloved I had to be close to you. I'm sorry, my love, my reasons were purely selfish. I couldn't stay away from you a moment longer."

"Then you should have told me. I would have understood. Haven't I always stayed at your side. I wanted you as much as you did me."

"You were an innocent."

She laughed. "I had the hots for my boss from day one," she corrected. She kissed him. "I love you Zaid, and always would. Would you marry me, love me, and be true to me forever?"

He smiled. "I would."

"Mum!" she turned around. "Would you marry us here and now?"

"What?" Zaid gasped, shocked. "Really can she do that?"

Grinning she nodded with glee. "Of course, her livelihood is a marriage celebrant."

"Then let's do it here and now in front of your friends and family but.."

"I know in secret," she smiled up at him.

"Darling, if it gets out, I don't care. Hold on." He removed his phone. She clasped his hand.

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