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Wirt's Point Of View:

I trudged through the snow, holding out the lantern for light. The light was still shinning, so Greg's soul was still alive. I looked around the woods. No Edelwood trees. I sighed, and sat down. I reached up to take off my hat, but my antlers got in the way. I was getting used to them. I thought about what happened to Beatrice. Where did The Beast take her?

"Why do you want to know?" a deep voice asked behind me.

I jumped, and held out my lantern. The Beast's dark figure stood there, and I shivered.

"You almost gave me a heart attack," I said sternly.

"I wouldn't do that to you, Wirt," The Beast said. "What good are you to me, and Gregory, dead?"

"I suppose not," I mumbled, looking down.

"Follow me, Wirt," The Beast said, and started to move away.

I moved to his side, and I let him lead me to wherever he was taking me. He placed a hand on my shoulder, and I shivered at his touch. I had many questions to ask The Beast.

"So, how long have you roamed The Unknown?" I asked.

"I have been here for many years, Wirt," The Beast replied. "I have been helping many people. If they have a sick child, I show up and put thee child's soul in the lantern. The person, whose child's fate is put in my hands, has to wander The Unknown, turning Edelwood into oil for the lantern to burn."

"Then why does everybody hate and fear you?" I asked.

I felt the hand on my shoulder strengthen. I winced at the sudden force.

"They believe that instead of helping them, I take away their families and loved ones," The Beast replied.

I looked up at The Beast. He looked straight forward, not once looking at me. I felt something in my chest. Sadness? No. Confusion? No. Pity? Yes. I felt pity for The Beast. He helped the people of The Unknown, and they turned their backs on him. My grip strengthened on the lantern. What has ever happened to trust?

"Wirt, look at me," The Beast ordered.

I did what was told. He kneeled, placing his hands on both of my shoulders.

"The Woodsman had tried to warn you about me, but you still sacrificed yourself to help me to save Gregory," The Beast said.

I turned my head, not wanting to remember what happened to Gregory. The Beast lightly grasped my head, and turned so I was staring into his white, never ending eyes.

"You have shown me that there are still people who have trust left in their hearts," The Beast said.

I felt myself smile at this. If The Beast could have smiled, I felt that he would have. He stood back up, and placed an arm around me. He led me to a clearing where an Edelwood tree grew. I forgot everything that the Edelwood was made out of, and I pulled free a few branches.

"Thank you, Beast," I said, and turned to him.

He wasn't there. I looked around for him. He was gone.

"I will be watching over you, Wirt."

The Beast's voice flowed in the wind. I smiled, grabbed my lumber, and walked off into the woods, whistling a tune I heard The Woodsman sing.

"Cut the wood to burn the fire..."

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