Chapter Five: Percy

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  Hey, just to say, it was Jason's fault for taking a nervous son of the sea god to the beach. Let me just sum up the last hour for ya....

After me and Jason's kiss he got out a picnic basket from behind a rock. Don't ask me how the food was still fresh. As we were eating and chatting Jason brought up the subject of me and Nico. I halfway choked on my PB and blue jelly sandwich. "T-That was a... one time thing... I think." I said, nervousness slowly creeping into my voice. "Oh, ok." Jason said awkwardly. Then out of nowhere, a huge wave come up and swallowed me and Jason. Well, being me and all, it was only Jason who got wet.

I honestly have no clue where the wave came from. Whether it being my nerves or Poisedeon doing his own thing. "Percy!?" Jason yelled. I couldn't tell if he was angry or not. "Sorry Jase." I say, handing my shirt to dry off with.


Did I just take off my shirt in front of him?

Jason blushed and took my shirt. "Thanks Perce," He muttered awkwardly.

Once he was dried off we tried to continue eating but the food was too soggy. So we packed up our wet picnic items and trudged back to camp in silence. "Thanks for everything." Jason said, smiling and breaking the silence. I shrugged. "It was nothin." Jason smirked. "Don't tell me that was 'nothin', the whole bracelet and water show thing, that had to have some plan right?" I stopped walking and grabbed Jason's hands. "Jason, fot the last time, I have no clue what that was. Now, let's get back so you can get a new outfit." Me and Jason ended up walking back hand-in-hand enjoying the moment.

"Percy? Jason? What are you two doing together?!" 

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