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Greg's Point Of View:

I awoke with a groan. I felt myself lying down on a hard, wooden floor. A pounding headache was in my brain, and I placed a hand on my forehead. I tried to remember what happened to me. The Beast. The Woodsman. Edelwood growing around me. Beatrice. Wirt. I sat up straight. How was I alive if my fate was placed in The Beast hands?

I looked around the room I was in. I was surrounded by many people. Some were children, and the others were Wirt's age. They all looked so scared. This isn't a dream. This was really happening. I was scared too.

"G-Greg? Are you awake?"

I heard a familiar voice in the darkness.

"Beatrice?" I asked hopefully.

A dark orange haired girl Wirt's age ran to me, and pulled me into a hug.

"Greg!" she cried. "You're okay!"

"Beatrice?" I asked. "You're human again?

"Yes, I am," Beatrice replied, and pulled away. "We are all in an abandoned barn where The Beast is keeping us."

"We can escape, can't we?" I asked. "Wirt can help us!"

Beatrice's smile disappeared, and I saw a tear slip down her face.

"Greg," she started. "You're brother has been taken over by The Beast. He now obeys him."

My heart sank, and I hugged Beatrice.

"Why?" I whispered, tears starting to form in my eyes. "Why did he let himself be taken over by The Beast?"

"He did it so you could be safe from The Beast," Beatrice replied, taking off the tea kettle that was on my head. She started smoothing my hair. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't save him."

I wiped my eyes, and Beatrice wiped hers. We heard a door squeak open, and we turned to the sudden light that entered the room. The Beast stood in the doorway, letting snow fly into the room. His white eyes surveyed the room, and landed on two children my age hugging each other. The Beast moved over to them, and took the smallest child, a boy, away from the other, who was a girl. The boy cried out the girl's name. The girl cried out the boy's name too.



I watched as Garret was dragged from his sister, and The Beast walked into the snowstorm.

"You will burn nicely in the lantern," I heard The Beast say as he shut the door.

The room was silent except for the sobs of Sarah. I made my way over to her, and awkwardly hugged her. She looked at me, then hugged me back.

"My brother is gone," Sarah whispered.

I knew exactly how she felt, so I said, "So is mine."

She looked at me, and her tear stained face made me turn away. I started to shake. I felt Sarah pull me into another hug. I let her, and just cried on her shoulder.

"Sarah, do you think that we will be okay?" I asked in between tears.

"I don't know, um..." she answered, not knowing my name.

"Greg," I answered.

Sarah nodded, and we sat there, in each other's embrace, knowing that our brothers were no longer with us.

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