"Joe." You shook the sleeping man. "Joooe."


"Wake up!"


"IT'S CHRISTMAS!" You laughed.

"...Mm, Five more minutes."

"Five minutes my ass!" You tugged him, halfway off the bed.

"Ugh fine, lemme go to the bathroom real quick."

"Hurry then! I'll meet you in the living room!"

You quickly ran downstairs, not hesitating to take a seat on the ground beside the tree. Every present, though as little as there were, was wrapped. You smiled to yourself as the lights from the tree flashed different colors.

You soon heard steps near you, and then Joe was sitting right beside you.

"Mm, go ahead."

And then you unwrapped present after present. You got shirts and pants that you had asked Joe for, some cute little home decor items, and even the new season of Joe's show, Impractical Jokers. You had gotten Joe an ugly sweater, some books he'd asked for, and a couple pair of pants.

You leaned over, giving him a kiss on the cheek, "Merry Christmas." You mumbled with a smile.

"There's one more." He pointed out. You knitted your brows in confusion, but spotted a small box in the branches of the tree. You took it with curiosity. When you opened it, you gasped, "I-"

"Will you marry me, (y/n)?"

Your heart swelled, "Yes. Oh my god, yes, Joe!" You hugged him, kissing him straight on the lips.

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