You leaned on your tip toes, trying your best to place a red ornament on a clearing at the very top. You even jumped a few times, but it was no use.

Murr walked in, cookie in hand as he noticed you. He smirked a bit as nibbled on the cookie, watching with amusement. He took a seat on the couch, finishing off his cookie.

"Ugh, god dammit." You grumbled, slumping in defeat. You turned, about to throw the ornament on the ground in anger when you realized you weren't alone in the living room.

"Well, hi there."

"Hey, (y/n)."

"How long have you been there?"

"Just got in. Having trouble.?"


Murr smiled, getting up, "Turn around." You looked at him curiously.

"Turn around, (y/n)." He said with a reassuring voice.

You did as you were told, then felt hands along your hips. You squeaked as you were lifted, near the top of the tree. You felt your face flush red.

"Here, place it."

You slowly moved to place it on the clearing place with a shaking hand. When done, you let out a breath you hadn't realized you were holding.

"Oh shi-"

And then you suddenly found yourself falling back onto Murr. You on top of the other, you turned around and faced him.

"Murr, I'm sorry-"

He laughed, placing a kiss on your lips.


"I was gonna kiss you when I put you down, but this seems a little better than expected."

"I-" You flushed, but smiled and laid a kiss on his lips in return.

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