You took in a deep breath from your nose, looking at the oven. You smiled, put on the oven mittens, pulled out the tray, and placed it on the counter.

On the tray sat several different shaped cookies. A couple were reindeer, others were Christmas trees, a few more ornaments, and the rest were Santa hats. You walked to the fridge, pulling out a few different containers of icing - each different colors.

You hummed a holiday tune as you decorated the cookies with icing. You moved to the cabinet, pulling out some sprinkles.

Moments into decorating, you heard footsteps.

"They almost ready?"

"Almost." You said, busying swiping a knife full of icing onto a cookie.

"Can I test them?" Sal asked, now right by your right side.

"Not yet." You said sternly.

"Ah, c'mon, babe."

"Be patient!" You laughed, glancing at him. He pouted his lips, leaning along the counter.

"Just-" He moved his hand out, you swatting it and aiming the butter knife in his direction.

"Don't. Touch. Them."

Sal put his hands up in defense, "Woah, Woah. Just for a cookie."

"Just for a cookie."

You smirked, going back to adding sprinkles.

Then when you turned to place the sprinkle container to the side, a cookie was missing.


You turned towards him. He didn't have a cookie in hand, but there was evidence. There was green and red icing all over his lips and cheeks.


"Ah Wunt Tha Cookeh"

"Don't talk with food in your mouth." You rolled your eyes as he swallowed. "Pig."


You laughed, dipping your knife into the icing container. Then you paused, looking towards him again.

"...What's that look?" He asked.

You smirked, quickly moving the knife and wiping the icing from one cheek to the other.


You laughed, hunched over in your laughter. You dropped the knife.

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY." He then dipped his fingers in the icing, smearing it from your hairline to your hairline.

You gasped, standing up straight. You clenched your eyes tight, mouth gaped open. You slowly rubbed it off, glaring at him. Sal was snickering to himself, but the laugh faded as you smirked.

You dug your hand into the icing, then throwing it along his shirt.


You leaned towards him, placing a messy, passionate kiss on his lips. When you pulled away, you gave him one look and burst into laughter.

His scowl turned into a smile as he then laughed. He pulled you close.

"We should get changed."

"And a shower." You agreed.

You glanced down at you with a smirk, "Then cookies."

You winked as a sign that you were fine with this.

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