Chapter 4- Our Little Secret

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Chapter 4-

Our Little Secret

Alex and I have been keeping a secret. He knows something nobody knows: my father abuses me. That's why he's always over or why I'm always by him. I feel safe around him. And the kiss yesterday? It was a kiss on the cheek. Did I forgot to mention that? No, me and Alex aren't dating. A girl like me doesn't end up with a guy as perfect and as flawless as like him. It just doesn't.


And does he abuse Samantha?



Probably because he favors her.

Like everyone else.

Or maybe he's trying to erase me from his life.

Whatever the reason is, he clearly prefers Sam over me.

No surprise.

Everyone does.

There's only one way I can forgot about the pain my father puts me through:

being with Alex.

Ever since that day last summer when he saved from Nicole's hurtful words, he's been my hero.

He knows everything about me, too.

Well, except for one teeny tiny feeling.

Teeny tiny?


I meant huge feeling that overpowers me sometimes.

A feeling that I can't control.

A feeling for someone.

But it's for someone I shouldn't feel this way about....