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13 december 1999

Let me tell you a tale, that's been in this kingdom for as far as I remember, this tale was told to me by the servants of this kingdom.

Within the beginning of the winter season, when storms were strong and the cold was near, the kingdoms queen fell pregnant with her 10th child. The witches and sourceres told her she was to bear yet another daughter, but this daughter was speacial and in order to bear the child, she was to leave the kingdom and go to the nears by town ,there there was a house. That house would be the only house she would be able to give birth in and any other house would result In the childs death.

When she had questioned why? They only resulted in one answer, " that house is the place where winters last snow falls." When the king found out he was furious and told his wife she was to give birth to this child in the kingdom.

The king loved his daughters with utmost love, but he was not ready to love the new daughter being brought into the house, afterall this time he expecting a son in place of a daughter to take over the throne. Knowing there was no way to change fates plan, he decided he would also love this daughter and treat her equally to all his other daughters.

The kingdom was full of joy and happiness, the entire kingdom loved the news that the queen would soon bring another being intothe kingdom. They celebrated this joy for weeks, but during the 9th month of the queens pregnancy, she fell ill. The king summoned different kinds of doctors from the inlands to the outlands. But none could do anything about it. As the days passed she became more and more sick, soon winter was coming to an end and it was the last week before the child was to be born. The king travelled with the queen to the house the witches had told them they had to deliver the baby. When they had reached it was the final day of winter when suddenly the Queen went into labour, they rushed her into the house and got ready to deliver the baby. When they begun the Queen became more ill. The doctors had run up to the king and told him that the queen would not survie this child birth, the king rushed to his wifes side to persuade her to abort the child while she still had time, but the queen refused his request and forced them to help her bring her child to the world, the last thing the queen had heard was beautiful sound coming from the cry of the baby, they brought the baby to the queen, she could not be more than happy to see their neautiful daughters face. She had beautiful deep sea blue eyes and beautiful silver hair that looked like winter snow, the king and queen decided to name their child winter, when the king had smiled at her she smiled back before closing her eyes and breathing her last breath. The king was heart broken to find out his queen was gone and only because of the child she wanted to give birth to.

After the queens burial the king had become sad, and then ruthless and unmerciful. The beautiful girl the queen gave birth to looked so much like the queen, he could not stand to look at her, when the child began to grow up the king began to loathe his own daughter and began to think to himself that this child was the reason he lost beautiful queen.

The king began to change and when he had got over his beloved queens death he remmaried a beautiful woman who had 2 daughters, at first she was loving to all the daughters then she began to love the first nine daughters never showering love om the 10th daughter. The new queen then persuaded the king to loathe his daughter even more reminding him that if it was not for the girl born in winter, his beloved queen would be by his side, he then asked what he was to do with this 10th daughter, the new queen gave him the suggestion of making her a servant and not only that she was to live in the basements of the castle. The king blinded by his anger allowed the new queen to do as she pleased and never looked back.

17 years later after the incident in 1999, winter grew up as a slave, a servant to those who she was suposed to call a family, but this is my tale, this is my winters storm.

Hello, guys, ready for the best romance in your life, we'll maybe not the best, but ramata best.

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