Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I was in a dark place, there was a corridor with a bloodstained carpet and the only thing I seemed to hear was my name being called. " winter, my sweet winter" was being said in a faint voice, deciding what to, I began walking down the corridor, there there were 2 big doors or double doors as they call it and upon it was a seal. I just kept hearing the same voice in my head, "winter, dear winter" the voice kept calling out to me.

"Who are you? And what do you want" I questioned, then I heard a faint laughter, coming deep within the sealed doors. Just as I was about to pull the seal my eyes snapped to water being thrown in my face. Right then I heard laughter of the culprit who did it.

There stood pavitra in a skin tight dress that hugged her body a bit too much. She began laughing before throwing a basket of clothing on my bed. "I need these clothes washed, ironed and neatly hung in my closet or else I will be telling mother about what you are doing. She smiled evilly towards me before walking out the door and right when she was a door frame, she turned around looking at me. " oh and mother said there's a new announcement father is going to make, and everyone needs to be there, and honestly this place you all a bedroom is really fikh you need to style it up her" she glared at me before leaving my room to myself.

I jumped out of bed, fixing my bed. I took a short shower since the only bathroom I have has only warm water, you know that warm water that's cold, yeaah that she one. I wore my cleaning outfit with an apron tied around my waist I began my daily routine, first I need to fix over 2000 beds in all the room some rooms are very disgusting, then I sweep and mop all the room, before getting ready to go to the market to buy groceries. When I went to the market I went to the bakery and the vegetable stall and bought all I needed to make breakfast. I make breakfast lunch, and dinner. Once I was done preparing the food, I brought the foods to the dining area, father wasn't here yet, last night I thought I heard him saying that this announcement was big.

"You disgusting girl, serve the food, your father does not allow you to stay in this house for nothing" said my so called step mother. Step mother Regina was a bit if a bitch, but something in that sentence clicked.

"But yet he allows all my sisters to stay in this house for free, they don't have to do anything, but I must work"

"You disrespectful brat your father loves you so much and yet you-"

"Oh please, I get my father loves me, but you caused him to loathe me, you're a brainwashing machine, is that how you got your first husband, by brainwashing him" at that moment I felt proud, but right then

" winter" my father's voice boomed in the dining area, to say I wasn't shit scared was a lie, but we all know how this conversation is gonna end

"Winter I will not have, a stupid, disgraceful child like you, a murderer like you disrespect the queen and the woman who is your mother" he started

"this witch is not my mother, my mother would never make me a servant" I began "winter" he said my name in a warning tone, but me being angry I carried on speaking "my mother chose to give me life, she loved me and I know it, and if she were here right now I know she would, I may not remember my mother-""winter" he said in another warning tone as if telling me to stop.

"- but she wouldn't have wanted her husband to mistreat the daughter she gave to him as her last hope" as soon as those words left my mouth he got angry and slapped me, he slapped me so hard I began to bleed from the mark.

"What hope are you? Huh? You're nothing but a disgrace to this family, to this kingdom if I had a choice I would have abandoned you a long time ago, you call yourself hope! You're not hope you're destruction, you're a pain, you're a murderer you killed your mother" to say that didn't hurt would be a lie and one thing I've never done was lie. I don't know I call him father, I don't think anyone's father treats them like this, "then he stated laughing "hope, that really funny"

My stepmother then walked up to me with a fan in her hand she took the fan and slapped me with it, and my father stood there and laughed, is this what it feels like to be a slave. My sisters began to snicker behind her, tears falling out of my eyes, they looked at me like I was a disgrace, like I was a monster.

"You are to never disrespect me in my house again! Do you hear me?" she said before walking back to her seat.

"I came here to tell my daughters that prince Zachary of the kingdom of livestone will be coming to this kingdom to find a bride for himself, hopefully one of you eleven daughters will be selected as his bride, because the entire land is to come to this ball so make sure to dress your best" my father began speaking

Then pavitra spoke up "daddy, what is winter gonna do, will she be attending with us?" my father looked at me then laughed, it broke my heart.

"No, no dear, she will be a servant like she is now, I don't want her to disgrace this family like she already has in front of the prince. Am I clear?" he asked looking at me sternly

"Yes father, I mean your majesty" then my father walked away I guess he was heading towards his office.

Then pavitra looked at me before speaking her thoughts "amongst all of us I think I will be lucky, but poor winter, she is a disgrace to this family, too bad you will always be a servant and will never experience happiness. Father was right you should have never been born into this world" to think my father said that was really hurtful, I wish I understood why he was do angry with me, for something I don't have control over.

I walked to my room thinking to myself am I really that hated that my own father thinks I am a disgrace, and worst he called me a murderer and yet I've never even hurt a fly in my life, honest. Why is destiny messing with me, why is fate playing me, why am I here? These thoughts kept replaying in my head, before I drifted off into an eternal sleep of darkness.

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