Did I Just Do That?

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*bell rings*

"OK class let's get started. Who would like to go up first?" Nobody raised their hand to volunteer. "Oh that's fine I'll pick by random then." Mr. Ronan decided with a sly smirk.

 "Very well, Leylani you're up first." I cringed in my seat as I was the first one called up. As I stood to go walk up to the podium I could hear whispering and snickering all around. Yeah pick the fatty as if I don't get bothered enough. Why did I have to go first?  I cleared my throat, "A-Alright well my topic was-"

"Speak louder loser can't hear you."

"That's enough Mr. Daniels!" Chided Mr. Ronan. "Ms. Lusias please continue but project more if you may." I nod shyly, "Yes sir. Ahem. As I was saying my topic was on obesity in America."

"Ooooooh perfect topic you know a lot about that now don't you?" Laughed Leena Courtney, Ms. Popular herself. The whole class was in an uproar of laughter from her comment. "Settle down class. Ms. Courtney do you and Mr. Daniels need to leave? It seems as though you two can't handle sitting respectfully in a classroom." Javin and Leena's smirks disappeared off their faces and I try my hardest to suppress mine as Mr. Ronan defends me. "Very well then keep it quiet I don't want to hear another sound from your sections until you guys are up." I give Mr. Ronan a grateful smile and continue on giving my report to the class. After I was done Mr. Ronan complimented me on a job well done. 

Soon the reports are given and class is going by fast and we're just about almost finished giving reports when the class door bangs open as the most breathtaking sight struts in with no care in the world. Andrei Alexei. The school's hottest, richest, and most athletic guy to have attended Greene Meadows Private Academy. Did I mention he's foreign and has an accent that could melt your brain circuits upon hearing it. But anyways why am I wasting my time fawning over such a douche bag anyway. It's not like he'd ever notice me.

"Excuse me." I spoke too soon. I look up slowly to see Andrei staring down at me. "What?" Oh no. I see something flash in Andrei's eyes. That's when I realized the whole class was quiet and everyone's eyes were trained on us. "You're in my seat." My eye twitches. Is this dude serious? "Ummmmmm, your names not on it. I'm pretty sure you can find another seat." I hear a collective gasp. "Excuse me?"

"You're excused." Lani what are you doing?! Do you know who you're talking to?! "Mr. Alexei! You're disrupting my class. There is plenty of other seats. Take a seat and be quiet." I noticeably see Andrei's eyes darken as he moves to a seat all the way up front. It doesn't take long for class to end and for the bell to ring. "Alright class. I'll see you tomorrow have a nice day. Don't forget to do the homework!" Mr. Ronan says as everyone packs up and leaves for the day. I'm the last to leave Mr. Ronan's classroom after he goes ahead and leaves.

As I'm walking down the empty hallways I get this eerie feeling in my gut that I'm being watched. My suspicions are confirmed when I'm pushed up against the wall from behind and hear a thickly accented deep voice growl in my ear "Ai incurcat cu cel greșit. Am de gând să facă iad viata." I shiver deeply as I hear Andrei speak his foreign tongue in my ear. "W-What?" He thankfully translates in English what he says "You've messed with the wrong one. I'm going to make your life hell."  But I realize it does nothing to calm my nerves if anything it just made his statement even more menacing. I shake as I feel the weight of Andrei's body disappear from my back and listen to the click of his shoes as he disappears around the corner to leave the school.

Leylani what have you done?!

Ok this is my first new chapter in a new book that I wanted to start. This is a solo book that I'm doing. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think and if I should continue this.

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