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Father's hazel eyes looked at me and this time I could see the worry in them, "What do you want to do?" Dad and Mum looked at me expectantly and I made my decision.

"I-I want to go to school." I knew it sounded crazy, but I told my parents that it didn't make any sense to wait, to hide while the other students made a mockery of me... I was going, and that was final.

I wanted to be a strong person, well, a strong person faces disaster with their head raised high... not with their tail between their legs...

Besides, I wanted to see Brittany. Between the Mysterious Mr. Clarke, the 'arrested boy', the werewolf, and Jennifer's pic... both of us had some sleuthing to do. And just like Nancy Drew, nothing was going to be easy, and I needed to

e x p e c t    t h e    u n e x p e c t e d.

 - - -

The next morning was hard.

I got up, my body aching, as if someone used my muscle fibres, unraveled them, and used them for jump rope. The fact that I thought of that analogy made me even more nauseous. Before my alarm clock even rang, I reset it and head for the shower.

I had business to settle.

And a late start wasn't going to cut it.

I showered quick, dressed even quicker, and got downstairs just when my dad peeked out his head up the staircase to tell me Breakfast was ready. His eyes widened as he watched me take a seat at the table.

I didn't have my uniform on, it was Friday-- otherwise known as Civie Day, the day we get to wear what we wanted. So instead of the white blouse, black pleated skirt and matching school jacket with the gold and white crest, I wore something different.

Much different.

I had on a stone-white tank top with a royal blue jacket, the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, and black skinny jeans with matching compact black boots, strapped to my feet by dangling silver chains and large buckles. And if those weren't really silver-- because truth is... they probably were some sort of other metal-- I had put on my silver chain locket that fell below my chest. 

And for my watch, I wore the wrap around leather one my mother got me for my birthday a few months ago. And I wear my hair up in a ponytail-- I didn't even bother to brush it...

Only when dad saw the Scottish-plaid clothe belt that I had tied around my waist, he nodded in approval. I just rolled my eyes and smiled, "What's for breakfast?" I asked him and he set down a full plate of link sausage, eggs, tattie scone (a potato scone), fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and buttered toast. I rubbed my hadns together and grinned, "Wait a minute..." I narrow my eyes at the plate, "Where's the blood pudding?!"

I look at my dad and he chuckles nervously, "Got up too late to make it, besides... With your mother gone off to her business trip today, we can eat the Hearty Scottish meals that i always wanted to make." He said proudly as he took up his knife and fork.

"So... Blood pudding for dinner today?" I asked with a smile.

And he grinned at me back, "Blood pudding for dinner."

When I scarfed down breakfast, patting my tummy I sighed and my father laughed, "Lassy, the food wasn't going anywhere, why the rush?"

"I have to leave early to get to school." I got up and got my back on my back.

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