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Feel free to make requests in the comments!! Or comment if ya agree Onceie looks adorable at age three! As you can probably tell this will be a daughter scenario for today's one-shot, enjoy! ^_^

Once-ler's POV
30 years...
30 years of guilt....
30 years of regret......
30 years of loneliness.....
I guess that's what I deserve for what I did 30 years ago (ok hold on if your really bad at math or just lazy and before you start yelling at me for breaking the fourth wall he's about 48 just use the pic above for reference to fallow along through the years and yes I wish I found this pic for my first one-shot, Thank you I am Fluffkin!)

I was sitting in my room again. Separating myself from the outside world curled up against the wall just..regretting, everything. Sighing I stand up and look between the gaps of my boarded up window.

The air kept growing sour and dense with smog, the sky was dull and filled with dark clouds. Rivers and streams were polluted to the point it was like tar. And among it all was a small gap in the clouds, where the Lorax disappeared. Underneath the dark clouds was the word he left behind.


To be honest I lost hope in that word a long time ago.

Lorax POV
Sighing I continued to watch among the clouds seeing the Oncler step away from his boarded up window. His gloved hands disappearing.

He lost all hope. There's no way things can start changing without it. Without hope there's no determination. Without the determination nothing will change.

I know I'm not meant to return just yet but looks like I need to take some matters into my own hands..

Third Person POV
Unlike his last fancy entrance like last time the Lorax descended in a simple matter careful not to draw attention to himself.

With his feet on the dead grass he began to make his way into something like a ghost town. People took refuge in their homes desperate to get away from the sour air. Some tried to clean some drinking water by boiling it only to fail. And many animals looking for scrapes to eat.

Like the Oncler they've all lost hope. The Lorax just shook his head at the pitiful state but kept going. Looking for anything that may get the Oncler to try and see some light into all of this. Until he heard a small whimper.

Looking around his attention was caught by a small cry in a ally. It didn't sound like an animal, but more like a baby's.

Wondering into the ally way listening to the crying the Lorax opened a small box near a dumpster.

And there lay a small baby. Barely three weeks old and its small face turning red from its wailing.

It broke the Lorax's heart and ever so carefully he scooped the small baby up. It was still carefully swaddled but was dirty. The moment the baby was picked up its wails quite down to small whimpers and looked at him with big e/c eyes. To the Lorax's surprise the baby was light, a bit too light that is. By this time a healthy baby should be steadily gaining weight. But no, his child was loosing weight.

Lorax's POV
"Poor thing." Gently I cradled her, hushing the small whimpers and calming the small bundled girl down. Small strands of h/c hair poked out of the f/c blanket that was as soft as the tusks of a trufala tree.

"You really went through some ruff things huh? Little surviver?" She only cooed with her eyes fixated on me. I looked around to see any traces of another human being around, only to catch a glimpse of a piece of paper from the same box. Securely holding the baby with one arm I pick up the slip of paper and turn around the worn and wrinkled sheet to see writing.

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