8: Finding out the gender (3rd person POV)

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Niall and Sarah have been 'arguing' about the genders of the twins. Sarah thought the babies would be girls and Niall thought the babies would be boys. Did none of them ever think that they could be one of each? One Boy and one Girl. Silly kids:) But today was the they though. Today was the day Niall and Sarah were gonna find out the gender of their twins. Sarah was 20 weeks pregnant to the day, and she was so excited to find out if she was carrying two girls, two boys or one of each.

They were on their way to the hospital and the car ride was quiet until Niall spoke.

"So what are you hoping the babies are?" Niall asked.

" I'm hoping they are girls, but honestly i will be happy no matter what. As long as they are healthy I'll be happy" Sarah said as she smiled at her husband.

" Yeah, me to. Of course i really want the babies to be boys, but as long as they are healthy that's all that matters" Niall said to his wife.

After a 20 minute drive Niall and Sarah arrived at the hospital. They walked into the hospital and took a seat in the waiting room. After 10 min a nurse came and called Sarah's name. Niall and Sarah both walked into the exam room with the nurse where she told them the doctor would be right with them.

The doctor came in after 5 minutes.

" Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Horan, I'm docotor Wilson"  the doctor said.

" Good Afternoon" both Niall and Sarah said.

"So, Sarah if you can just lie down on the bench here and lift up your shirt we can get started" the doctor said.

Sarah stood up and went and lied down.

" So this might be a bit cold" Dr Wilson said

Dr Wilson put the gel on Sarah's stomach and did her thing. It wasn't long until Niall and Sarha heard two heartbeats. They both teared up, they were so happy.

" So everything is perfectly fine with both babies" Dr. Wilson said.

" Oh thank god , me and Niall were so scared something would be wrong" Sarah said

The doctor smiled at the two.

"So would you like to know the gender of your babies?" The doctor asked.

"Yes" both Sarah and Niall said happily.

The docotor moved the sonogram stick around on Sarah's belly, and after about 3 minutes she smiled.

" So Mr and Mrs Horan I'm happy to announce you are having two girls" Dr Wilson said.

The doctor wiped the gel of Sarah's stomach and went to grab a picture for them. Once the docotor had left Niall stood up and kissed his wife.

" I am so happy we are having girls " Sarah cried as she kissed Niall.

The doctor was soon back and handed them the sonogram picture, and scheduled their next appointment. With that Niall and Sarah left the hospital.


Well back home they sat down on the couch and called their parents and the boys and Sophia and Eleanor and told them the news. After that they both sent out a tweet with the sonogram picture attached. Niall tweeted first, and then Sarah tweeted:)

"@NiallOfficial: Me and @sarah_xoxo are happy to announce that we are expecting two girls. That's right, I'll have three princesses. The girls are due in June 2016"

"@sarah_xoxo: Me and @NiallOfficial are happy to tell you that our two babies are girls. Twin girls! We could not be happier. Can't wait to meet them in June 2016"

What trends afterwards:




The picture Niall and Sarah both tweeted are at the top:)

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