8. Brother Why Art Thou?

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Naina waited for them when Adam was finally allowed to leave the bottle. Vitesh had him tucked under his chin and holding his breath because 'this might pinch' before smoke surrounded them. It did indeed pinch and Adam squeaked before groaning happily when the sensation of being squished into mush on the way out stopped. How had he slept through that going into the bottle?!

Imran wrote out reports at his own desk feet from Vitesh's and greeted the two new arrivals with a lazy wave of his hand. Naina had once again stepped out of her frock and glided over to tap Adam's forehead with her pointer finger.

"That was not the same shadows that got you the first time," She murmured. "The first was a Seeking. The second was meant to be a retrieval but to a different entity altogether."

"Where is he?!" Someone burst into the room and the frock had gone back onto the body of the older lady in seconds. Bethany raced around furniture to throw herself at Adam and sob. "Stupid! You could've been hurt!" She screeched into the wolfish ear atop Adam's head. He wasn't as surprised as he ought to have been when the canine features fluffy ears pinned themselves to the top of his head.

"Bethany, let him go," Vitesh sighed, extracting Adam with a careful tug and into his own arms. "He has been through an ordeal."

"Of course he has!" She blustered and ignored Naina's intent gaze on her face. Adam caught that however and cocked his head in confusion. "No tutoring for two weeks! You move in here instead."

"Bethany, stop pushing," Vitesh grumbled, somehow sensing the rising panic in the wolf. "I thought you were going out again tonight?"

"I am but I wanted to see him before I left," She waved off and tutted. "Get better so you can make me smarter," She grumbled before pressing a wet kiss to Adam's cheek. He winced but she didn't catch that, leaving as quickly as she had come.

"Always in a rush that brat," Vitesh muttered. "Naina, could you make sure the Dark Matter isn't having any ill effects on him?"

"None whatsoever," She smiled and removed the face piece. "I believe he'd be better off at his home, sleeping."

Vitesh obviously didn't like that idea and the wolf whined too but then that glint in her eyes made Adam rethink his petulance.

"I... come back tomo'oh *I (will) come back tomorrow*."

"If you're sure," Vitesh huffed. "I have a cartel to destroy tonight but I will be able to be contacted after ten, okay? Call if you need anything and if you call earlier, Imran here will answer."

"Don't hesitate to call," Imran nodded from where he'd dragged his nose out from the paperwork. "You'd be rescuing me from this hell actually. This is why I'm glad I am only the back up leader here."

"I told you you'd regret training to be my heir," Vitesh snorted before plucking up a mobile from the side table near the sofa. He handed it to Adam and smiled. "It's a simple flip phone. Nothing too extravagant but you get to call. You know how to work it?"

Adam nodded but wanted to read the manual in case.

"It has our numbers on it as well as your Lycan, Verun and Wei Shun. He was thinking of inviting you over for another cup of tea but I told him of what happened and he's settling for sending you packets of new tea flavours instead. Look out for them," Vitesh murmured, his hands cradling Adam's face and allowing the wolf to shut his eyes and rumble happily.

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