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The recipe for the perfect heist has often been pondered. The brains of the operation were always crooks, magicians... It was never based on science. Only strategy. Maybe that was the problem with most...why most of them failed. The heists were missing a key element, and that of course as said before was science.

Inhaling the cold air, Adelaide Collins steps out her limo and onto the sidewalk, not acknowledging the man who shuts and opens doors for her every single day. Reaching her left arm out to her side, she spreads her fingers before snatching up the air in her hand. She smiles at the sensation the digital electrons give her. They are, after all, her greatest invention. After the release of global Wi-Fi and the idea of signals of internet hovering in the air, her modest invention was able to take flight. She drags her hand quickly in front of her and releases the air, the digital electrons recognizing her handprint. They form a holographic keyboard and screen. She types out the final changes on the document before swiping her hand through the image, the holograph dematerializing.

Before she can refocus on her surroundings, she collides with a man. Odd because she's never clumsy. Placing her hands on him to steady herself, she smiles sheepishly. "I'm so sorry."

He steps back, nodding. Without another glance at Ms. Collins, Simon Harcourt continues on his way, pulling off his coat as carefully as he can and folding it to protect Ms. Collins' handprints. After five blocks he turns into the main entrance of Perseus College campus. Professor McGraw will be so pleased she will have to give him the internship.

Entering the lab, he finds McGraw supervising Phoenix as she works on coding a video game for her final in her Coding 3010 class. They both look up, immediately focusing on the jacket.

McGraw rises. "Did you get her handprints?"

Already starting to warm up, Simon walks father into the lab. "I don't think she had any clue as to what was happening."

His professor claps her hands together once and motions for him to lay the jacket on the stainless steel table. With the upmost care he spreads the jacket out so the handprints face upward.

"Phoenix," she hovers over the jacket, "grab the UV and shut off the lights."

Suppressing a grumble, Phoenix pushes back her chair and obeys her professor. I could have been the one to get the handprints and she still would have ordered me to shut off the lights. She stoops to retrieve the UV light from inside a cabinet. As she stands, she bangs her head against the shelving, dropping the light as she automatically reaches for her head.

"Keep the noise to a minimum, Phoenix," Professor McGraw chimes, pulling out scissors from a drawer.

Keep the noise to a minimum, my butt cheek, Phoenix mutters back inside her head. She instantly regrets her thoughts. She'd never say such language out loud. What right then has she to say it in her head? She knows being here is useless-that she'll never be the one offered the internship at Hachette Industries. McGraw will always give it to her prodigy...Simon. Phoenix just can't help trying to prove herself.

She flicks off the lights and turns the UV on, the purple glow bringing out an eerie feeling in the room. Hoping she'll be able to scan the jacket, she holds it over the table only for her professor to snatch it away and do it herself. They've already coated the coat with powder as a few red swirls and lines from palms and fingers appear.

"There." Simon points to two full handprints on the chest section. "Those are hers."

McGraw begins cutting out a square around the prints with scissors. Next she uses a razorblade to slice around Collins' handprints in more detail. She stares at her handiwork. "Phoenix, lights."

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