Chapter 33: Am I forgetting something?

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October 27th 2015


"I love you" Damian whispered to me. I felt my lips turn up at the corners in response to this.

"I love you too, silver. I love you too". His grey eyes sparkled a hue of silver as he listened to me reply to him. I could see a smile crawl onto his lips too, but before it was prominent he crushed his lips to mine. Then all my thoughts vanished I was consumed by the feel of his slightly chapped lips rubbing ceremoniously against mine. His calloused hands working their way up my bare arms. There was something about his rough exterior that was so much better and purer than a female. instead of the too soft skin or the fragile feel. He was real, strong, muscular, controlling me. Making me feel small and delicate, making me feel loved. This was all I could think about: how he was perfect for me. All I could hear was our pounding heartbeats, all I could feel was the lines and limbs that made us. There was no longer a separation from where I ended and he began, we were a perfect jumble of just one. This was enough.

But like all good things , there comes an end. I was woken up from my blissful dream to the constant beeping of the heart monitor and the prodding of needles against my sore skin. "Dear, we are just running some tests to make sure you are on the right track. Thankfully the swelling in the brain has come down and you don't have a concussion so you're doing well. But we will have to keep you on the morphine a little longer as the broken ribs and internal bleeding have left some serious bruises." The nurse continued to explain the treatment and my injuries to me, but I drowned out her dull voice.

Nothing was making sense. If this was something my dad had done, I would never have ended up in a hospital. For two reasons: One, it would never get that bad, he always knew when to stop- the first sign of blood was always good representation for him. Two, I would never had gone to the hospital for help. This couldn't be any of my bullies that, all ended when I left Texas. Ash refused to let me street race, so this wasn't from a crash. Never mind the fact, I hadn't been in a car for days, since I wasn't talking to Kate. Then what was it? What could have landed me here, this bashed up?

I've been racking my brain for answers, but I can't remember more than snippets. I remember Damian face, then my dads, then strangely enough my mum. I can remember Kate sobbing form leaning over me and dialling 911 (which explains how I got to the hospital). But what's not making sense is the fact I can't figure what actually caused these injuries.

"Hey how D'ya feel mate?" Ash says quietly as he slowly peeks around the door. I roll my eyes at his attempt to be discrete and not try to disturb me. As if I would be up to anything Remotely interesting in a hospital bed.

"I've been better. Ya know you can come in right?"
"Psh, I know that. So D'ya know what day it is?"
"Uh, no. Why?"
"Because dude you've been out for over a week."
"No way..." I just don't understand anything at the moment. What could have caused me to be out of it for an entire week. The doctors haven't said anything.

"I don't know if you want to talk about it. You don't have to answer if you don't want to but what happened?" Ash says hesitantly trying to read my facial expression as to whether asking me about the accident is a safe ground to walk on.
"Honestly I don't know. I can't remember. No ones telling me anything of use at the moment."
"So you don't remember anything?"
"Just these slight snippets, like images or pictures. I know they are from around the time period 'it' happened but they don't make any sense. They are just snapshots of people's faces. Then I remember Kate saving me and that's it."
"Kate's got it in her head your dad this, but by the way he's been so caught up and how distraught he was when he came into the hospital the first day I didn't think that was true. I mean I've seen his handiwork, this isn't it."
"Yeah, I know this isn't my dad. He would never go this far and I don't remember him at all at the time. No that's not true I do have this image of him but he looked as if he was dressed as if to go out, not that he was ready to beat me up."

"So who else do you remember?"

"Damian Silva"

"Damian?" Ash looks at me warily. "You aren't suggesting he did this? That he put you in here are you?"

"I don't know Ash, I just don't know"

"Hey, hey it's cool. The last thing we want is for you to stress and hurt your head more. Kate would kill me. She wanted to be here as soon as you woke up but she couldn't miss school, so she told me to tell you she'd be here as soon as the last bell rang. She warned me you had to be in one piece by the time she got here."

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I really need to apologise to her for the way I've been acting..."

"Yeah, there are quite a few people you need to apologise to." I glare at Ash for this statement.

"Hey, hey don't blame me its the truth. You were acting like a dick these past couple weeks to anyone who cares about you."

"If you don't start to play nice I'm kicking you out."

"Okay fine, I'll be nice" he grunts then turns on the ancient television to some channel where we watched a marathon of some eighties cartoon, in a comfortable silence. I was just glad to rest and get energised since I knew there was only a few hours until I'd have to deal with Kate and that wasn't going to be fun.

After a long while Ash finally decided to break the silence. "Was there anyone else?"

"Anyone else what?"

"Anyone else you remember from around the time of the accident."

"Just one." I say solemnly.

"Who?" Ash asks a little too eagerly.

"My mother...."

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