chapter 11

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to much wires chapter 11

She took out her cell phone and a huge book out of he purse.

"Why in the world would you keep a phone book in your purse?" i wondered.

"just in case in need to use it.....................I guess."

She flipped through alot of pages until she got to the six hundereds. Mom scrolled her fingers down the page until she smacked it and typed the numbers......(555)555- 2306.

It took about two seconds for the man on the other side of the line to answer.

"Hello strathmores favorite cord severcies lilens how may i help you?'

"Um it is a huge problem and you need to get over here fast and the best proffessional there needs to come over its in the shack that the two kidnappers live in."

She hung up making a buzzing noise at the other side of the line.

"okay then," said the cord severices, Sammy said in an uncofterble way.

a few minutes later the cord severcies arived with all black capes on and black hats and black shades and of course with black breive cases.

"over here," my mom yelled and three man walked over.

the first man took a pair of blue rubber gloves and nelt down in front of me saying "What the heck is this?'

"It's a bomb can't you tell?" asked my mother.

He smiled and took out a cigarette and lit it with a match.

"Okay," he simple stared to say."John give it to me."

The second man opened his breive case and handed him the one and only red pliers there are in the breive case.

"Okay so i already speicified that it isn't the blue one or the black one," mom told the the first man named Nicolas.

"well why the heck did you call me if you already know how to do it."

"Well i learned it in high school and i forget most of it, but i know it is not the black or blue one cause the bllue one makes the bomb blow up and the black one helps the bomb to blow up faster!"


i started to sweat and cried wondering if he will accedentally choose the wrong one and blow me up.

Nicolas felt the wires a couple of times." Seamas grab my cigarette," yelled nic.

Seamas, the third one took out a box of cigarettes out of his pocket and took one out trying to hand one to his boss.

"Not more cigarettes the one out of my mouth you big fat hippo," damanded the first one.

it seemed as if Seamas and John doesn't have any feelings they always keep straight faces. So seamas slowly walked up and took the cigarette out of his mouth. he blow the smoke out of his mouth and it went straight into my face making me cough.

" k k k,"

"would you stop saying k?"asked my mom.

"K,"answered nic.

"uhhhhhh," she complained.

"so why can't i just snip it off with siccors?"

"Because there is a trigger on it that makes it blow up," i explained.

"Okay so we have to cut the wire that is atatched to the trigger?"

"Yep," me and my mom both answered at the same time.

"But which one is atached to the trigger?"


"Woooooaaahh the proffessiniol is in India so i am his substitute the SECOND best,"replied Nicholas.

"Guys, guys calm down," i said.

"Okay happy i didn't say k i said okay ummmmmmmmmm so it is not the blue or black one."

"I think we already specified that," mom said angrily.

"then it has to be the red one,"said nic.

"And how did the red one all of a sudden pop into your mind?"asked my mom

"Oh the handle is red,"answered nicolas.

"OOHHH i just want to punch that guy in the face,"mom yelled.

"Kay mom nic we are just here to get this thing off of me kay."



"the red one is atatched to the bomb to make it like stop when it is just about to blow up so not that one. And we are left with just ONE. And the triger is hidden so the yellow wire must be inside the vest as well as the trigger."

"Sometimes i don't trust this guy," mom whispered to me

"well i do."

"OKAY i am going to cut the yellow one,"sdaid nic

He slowly pulled his pliers forward and snipped the yellow one.

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ and a yelp was the only thing that was not silent "OWWW OOOWWWWWWW,"

"You know that it is very painful when you get zaped from electricity," nicolas told me and mom.

"You were wrong i knew i couldn't trust you," mom turned her body away folding her arms looking in the oppisite direction.

"Then it doesn't make sence."

"What doesn't make sence?"i asked.

"there is only four wires and none of them are the right one," explained nic.  He stood up and walked around in circles and circles and circles. Then a couple minutes later he came running back he knelt down again in frnt of me and examined the wires again.

"UH Ha."

"What does UH HA mean?" asked my mom.

"It means i found another wir that is white it was hidden under neth this pouch so that know one would find it when they were trying to take it off!"answered nic

nic took out his pliers again and cut them and...................................................


Sorry dudes i had to let you off on a cliff hanger and sorry it is so long cuz i didn't know how to end it of like.  :D i hope you liked it and will like the next chapter that i am going to write:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D  :D

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