Chapter Fifty One

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"Greg," Charlie raised his hands up slowly to show the man that he wasn't a threat, " let's take it easy here. I understand tensions are high-"

"You two are questioning everything I've been doing!"

"That's because everything you've been doing is wrong." Anora pointed out.

"Anora!" Charlie glared over in her direction. "You're not helping."

"Oh right...sorry."

Turning back to Greg who still had his wand up and ready, Charlie swallowed.

"We weren't trying to question you, Greg. We're just trying to look out for everyone and that includes the dragons. After all, that's the reason why we're all here isn't it? To help the dragons?"

"I am trying to help them. To do that we need to remove Sultan from the equation!" Greg said. "We can't have a dangerous dragon-"

"Listen to yourself, Greg." Anora shook her head. "We can't have a dangerous dragon? Dragons are dangerous! They are the highest classification of beasts...we can't interrupt the natural order. Sultan has every right to live his life, he was only doing what's in his nature."

"We lost several dragons today that had the right to live as well."

"They are wild beasts." Charlie countered. "We have no control over that and we shouldn't try to control something like that. Just lower your wand mate. I'm not trying to fight you."

Anora was on edge, although on the outside she tried to keep a calm face, the fact that Greg had his wand pointed at Charlie angered her terribly. After all that Charlie had done for the man and the sanctuary, Greg threatening him infuriated Anora. She had a tight grip on her wand hoping that Greg would back down and listen to the voice of reason that was Charlie.

Charlie even took it upon himself to drop his own wand.

"I know you two love the dragons, really I get that. But you two have to understand that we have to do what's best for the sanctuary. Don't get in my way!"

Charlie shook his head as Greg turned away from him quickly and went to attack Sultan. However, as soon as he turned to strike the dragon, he was thrown back. He landed back roughly dropping his wand.

Quickly looking over at his girlfriend, Charlie saw Anora lower her wand.


"What? He said we had to do what's best for the sanctuary! I just did." Anora huffed. She turned to the other workers and snapped at them to get back.

Nicola ran over to help Greg up.

"What are you doing?!" the woman screeched at them.

"Handling the situation properly!" Charlie called to her.

Roscoe returned to Anora's side with Norberta behind him but Anora shook her head at him.

"Sorry Roscoe, but you need to get out of here too. It's not safe." she said shooing him off.

The male dragon let out a noise of protest but Norberta nipped at his tail to grab his attention.

Sultan began to stomp near them.

"Go, go, go!" Anora ran off into the wooded area as the dragons took off into the air.

It wasn't long after that Charlie joined her at her side.

With everyone a good distance from Sultan, the flames died down and the dragon ceased lashing out. Out of pure exhaustion, the dragon laid down on the ground and let out a great deal of smoke.

Charlie and Anora poked their heads out from behind the boulder in which they were hiding behind, to see the dragon finally settle down.

They sighed in relief as they fell to the ground themselves resting their backs against the boulder.

"Ugh, it's never a dull day." Anora sighed. "And here I thought we could sleep in for a change."

When Charlie didn't respond right away, she glanced over at him to see him checking out the burn marks on his abdomen.

"Oh no!" She scurried to her feet and knelt down before him.

"I...I didn't even see you get hit!"

"I didn't notice it myself. Hurts like hell though." he grimaced. He pulled his bloody hand back and wiped it against his shirt.

"Come on, let's get you up and to Sebastian." Anora said with a frown.

She helped him up to his feet when they were stopped by Greg and Nicola reaching them.

"What you two have done today is-"

"You're welcome!" Anora left Charlie's side briefly and stood before Greg and Nicola.

"Excuse me?" Nicola snarled.

"The only thing you two should have to say to us is thank you. So to that I say you're welcome. Anything else you have to say can wait! Charlie is hurt and needs to see Sebastian."

Greg stood before her fuming.

"Greg, unless you want a replay of what happened earlier, I suggest you move out of my way."

Anora grabbed Charlie's hand and pulled him along.

When they were in a safe distance, Charlie began to chuckle as he leaned against her.

"Only you could laugh during a time like this. What's so funny?"

"Nothing, I just happen to think it's incredibly sexy when you're all worked up like this."

"Did you get hit in the head too, Charles? For goodness sake, you're bleeding and this is what you're thinking of?"

"I can't help it! You make that face when you're angry..."

"What face?!"

"That one right there and it's simply irresistible."

"Well, resist your urges, you're about to see Sebastian and I don't think he's interested in your urges!"

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