First day of school!

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     You wake up to your annoying alarm and notice it's the first day of school! You don't know whether to be excited or sad, but you jump out of bed and first take a quick shower. You start thinking about your first year in high school and how scary it will be, since none of your friends got into Brooklyn Tech.
     You jump out the shower and throw on a white crop top,  jean shorts, a brown cardigan, and some white converses. You decided to put on some makeup and leave your gorgeous light brown wavy hair down. Put on some makeup and pack your bag. Your annoying brother Matthew calls you downstairs, you go and see mom making pancakes, "YAY, my favorite!" you shouted. "That's why I called you down, A DUR." said Matthew, "Ugh your really annoying." I said back. He rolled his eyes and your mom ignored your conversation.
     Your mom gives the pancakes and you eat them quick so you can be on time to school. You say bye to your mom , "Bye sweetie! Good luck on your first day." your mom shouts back. As you leave the house you see the bus and start running, and made it. You sit down and see a cute kid across you, but you thought he wasn't in your school so you didn't care, even thought he was cute.
     You enter school right on time, and you don't believe your eyes. Your enemy, Brigitte, was there with her little squad of bastards.  You roll your eyes and go into school.


The bell rung and you had science first period. So you ask for some help and got there. The instant you step inside you see. Him. The boy. On the bus. Him. You melt inside and the teacher then assigned seats, and you ended up sitting next to a guy named Jacob. You wondered who that was. You turn around, and it's him. The boys name is Jacob. You look away and see from the corner of your eye that he's staring at you and you smiled at him. You continue science class, even though it's really boring, but he was next to you.


     Exactly when the bell rings, Jacob slides you his number , smiles and says "Text me." and of course you said you will. You found out him and you have the same classes almost every day. You continue your day, and in every class you guys get assigned together. You think to yourself about him, "he's so cute. But he'll never like me the same way. I'm ugly and no one likes me. "
     The first day ends and you have a crap ton of homework but remember you have to text him. You text him hi, but he doesn't respond right away. You started to sit and do your homework in a stressed way. He texts you back...

Hey guys it's the author and I was just curious if I should continue the story and sorry I left a cliffhanger 😂. But please comment about this one.

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