Black Water (Chapter 15)

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"Let me get this straight, you want me to risk my neck helping you read Jez's mind because you think she's sleeping with someone?" Paige said bemusedly. We nodded and she laughed. "You're off your heads." She commented, "I'm not helping you."

"Please Paige." Cameron moaned, his shoulders doing a little tantrum sag.

"No," Paige replied before turning back to the TV program she and her bimbo friends were watching. Cameron opened his mouth to ask again but Paige's friend Veronica butted in with a loud and annoyed 'Sssshhhh'.

"We can pay you." Elle said picking some popcorn out of the bowl on Paige's table, much to the other orange cheerleaders annoyance. Paige turned to Elle, scanning her up and down to see if she could find a lie in what Elle said. Then she shrugged her shoulders.

"How much?" She asked curiously.

"How about twenty thousand," Elle suggested. My head spun round. How much? I wasn't the only one thinking this.

"Elle that's a lot of money. How do we even now she's going to tell the truth?" Cameron said. Paige sputtered something about not being a liar, but we ignored her.

"Halves. Half before she does it, half after she's finished the job." Elle suggested. You could tell from the way she spoke that she came from a family used to making business deals. I felt my eyes rise. That was not a half bad idea. I nodded.

"Yeah, halves." I turned to Paige who was looking at her own perfectly polished and manicured nails, probably wondering how many more manicures she could get for twenty thousand dollars.

"I'll be back in a minute guys." Paige said to her friends, who barely took their eyes away from whatever dumb show they were watching. Paige took us out of the crowded rooms and into a disused room that held fraying sofas and telly from the seventies.

"Just so you know. If any of you breathe a word of this to anyone, I will drag you all down with me." Paige said nastily taking a seat on a coffee table. The rest of us crowded around her.

"We won't," I assured her. I valued my own live just as she did hers.

"Ok then," Paige said and held her hand out. Elle reached into her purse and pulled out a blue check book. She leant on the other end of the table and wrote the digits 10,000 neatly into the right sections and Paige's name before ripping it out and placing it into Paige's out stretched hand.

"Just out of curiosity, what do you plan on telling your parents when the discover 20,000 dollars missing from your bank?" Darcy said from where she stood on by the bookcase.

"I'll say it was for a school project." Elle said "Believe it or not, but they'll buy it."

Paige made a coughing noise. "Are we going to this or not. Only I'm missing 90210 for this." She held out her hand again waiting for someone to take it and see what she could see.

"Right," I said, and placed my hand in hers. I got the feeling that Paige was squeezing it a little more than necessary.

I was standing in a large apartment room, it wasn't anywhere in the school I recognised, so Jez was off campus. It was odd standing in the same spot as somebody else, when I looked down I my skin was not as pale, and the tips of my hair where brown not dusty blonde like my own. I was in Jez's mind. I was her. And right now she was sitting at a kitchen stool with a glass of wine in front of her and a couple of empty plates to the side. The walls of the room where made of a deep oak that matched the floor and the counter tops that Jez's and my arms where leaning on. There was a window directly opposite, outside I could see some treetops, but another building that looked sort of similar, blocked most of the view. Then I heard the sound of a toilet flushing and a door opening, Jez's head turned as did mine to see a boy, no not a boy a man emerging rubbing his wet hands on his jeans. He was not wearing a top. I mentally gasped as I felt Jez smile. Because walking towards the counter and picking up another glass of wine was no other than Mr Azerale.

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