You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 7

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"but mum said that i could have a picture with zayn"

i sighed but we both started laughing, we slowly got up and the door opened slightly. Kate's face was only just visible, i gestured for her to come in and the door flung open and she pounced on zayn(yes, i said pounced) i laughed as he stood up, still holding her in a hug. he spun her around and she laughed her head off whilst clinging on for dear life. i laughed as i stood up too, zayn gently stopped and lowered her, she looked up at him with the biggest smile on her face. he bent down at her level and she gave him another hug. he hugged her back then she pulled away quickly.

"you need to write on all my pictures" we laughed and he stood up, she instantly grabbed his hand and began pulling him out of my room, he grabbed me quickly and pulled me along too. the next thing i knew i was sitting on kate's bed next to zayn whilst my annyoing sister was passing him things to sign. i leant over to him slowly

"i am so sorry"

he laughed "its ok, shes cute"

i laughed but looked at him cheekily

"cuter than me?"

he shook his head and winked

"no-ones as cute as you"

i blushed and was about to say something when my sister coughed loudly, we both turned to her

"are you two in love?"

we both laughed and i felt my cheeks go redder but zayn slung his arm around my shoulder

"we might be"

i just laughed and kate hugged me, i hugged her back but pulled away confused

"whats with the hug?"

she smiled at me "i didnt like robbie, he was scary"

zayns arm slowly slipped off me as kate rushed off to try and find another thing for zayn to sign,

"are you ok?" i turned to zayn, i was going to say something when i just shook my head, stood up and walked off into my room, slamming the door as i went. tears flowed down my face as i flopped on my bed and just cryed.

Zayn's P.O.V

kate came up to me with her school books

"these ne-"

she looked around the room for zoey but i just sat there with my head hung down

"wheres zoey?"

i shrugged and she sat down next to me

"you fancy my sister, dont you?"

before i could say anything she nodded

"i knew it, see? i am clever"

i chuckled and stood up

"maybe i should go and check on her"

kate grabbed my hand before i could move

"no dont, please stay, if shes stormed out then she'll be angry and she'll shout at you"

i thought for a moment, looking down at kate's smiling face i nodded slowly, a smile forming on my face but inside i was more worried about zoey. i sat back down and kate handed me more stuff.

after signing everything(and i mean everything) she pulled out a a big pile of board games

"play with me?"

i nodded slowly, i had nothing better to do. i ended up staying there all day, playing board games, dancing on a dance mat, watching girly shows, playing with dolls(i made sure i had the guys) and everything else that she offered me, at about 12:30 her mum poked her head in the door

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