Chapter Fifty

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"Charlie, I...I can't kill Sultan." Anora frowned. The two were still inside their home unsure if they should follow Nicola.

"I don't want to do this either, Anora. But Nicola has a point. If Sultan is really bad right now, he'll probably wind up killing someone, and then you know the Ministry is going to flag us."

"But it's not his fault! I told you that male was trouble. He probably started this whole mess..."

"If you want you can stay here, and I'll go deal with this."

"No!" Anora shook her head. "I'm going too."

When they arrived to the field, Charlie quickly pulled Anora back and shielded her under his arms as the intense heat hit both of them. Sultan was on a complete rampage as workers surrounded him engaging in a battle.

"They are only making it worse!" Anora told Charlie.

"I know but-"

He pushed her down to the ground and dropped down himself as they were nearly hit with fire.

"Merlin's-... Anora, you need to get back to the cabin, I can't have you out here." Charlie told her."It's too dangerous."

"Are you insane, Charlie? As if I would leave you out here. I'm staying!"


Suddenly, Anora lifted her wand and deflected an incoming hit of flames. "See? You kinda need me."

The two found Greg who was directing workers in position to hit the dragon with stunning spells, however, Sultan was intelligent and dodging all incoming attacks.

"I need you two to get on opposite ends of him. We need to hit him from all directions!" Greg instructed him.

"Greg, there has to be a better way!" Anora tried to reason with the man. "We're not going to be able to stun him. But we can allow him to calm down!"

"How do ya' reckon we do that!? Huh, Forney?!" Greg growled at her.

"By using some common sense, dammit!" Anora replied sharply.

"She's right." Charlie said.

"Of course you take her side-"

"It isn't a matter of taking a side!" Charlie yelled at the man. "It's a matter of going about this and having the least amount of injuries as possible. Just listen for a minute!"

Greg's jaw clenched his jaw and turned to Anora.

"Look, the best thing to do is get all the other dragons away from Sultan. He's obviously feeling threatened right now, that's why he's lashing out. Everyone is in his territory. We need to clear the area out."

"And how do you propose we do that?"

Charlie turned his head over his shoulder noting the two dragons hiding among the trees.

"With some backup."

Roscoe dipped his head to Anora and allowed her to get on along with Charlie.

"We need to get to the elders first." Charlie told her. "They need a chance to get away before the younger ones, they move so much slower."

"You heard the man, Roscoe." Anora said.

With Norberta flying beside them and keeping a close eye on Charlie, the group arrived to the elder's area to find the majority of dragons still sleeping.

Roscoe's landing was rough launching the two off of him to the ground, near one of the sleeping elders. The elder lifted it's head and growled in their direction.

"Sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep, your highness." Anora said. "But we have bigger problems right now."

Charlie pulled Anora back as the dragon snapped at them, but Roscoe and Norberta were quick to plant themselves before them protectively.

Norberta lashed back and let out a screech that seemed to communicate something to the older dragons in the area.

Charlie and Anora exchanged glances before shrugging and moving about encouraging the other dragons in the area to get up and moving.

As the elders began moving about, the younger adults began following them. The area was clearing out as Charlie and Anora could hear Sultan in the distance still raging on.

"Damn Portuguese Long-Snout...he just had to start trouble, that little shite."


"Sorry, sorry I know. Language."

With the dragons on the other side of the sanctuary, Sultan began to settle down, but was still irritated by the workers trying to work on stunning him.

"Greg, you need to call off the workers." Charlie replied sternly. "He should be fine now. All the dragons are in a safe distance."

"Tell that to the ones he slaughtered." Greg told him. "He can't live Charlie. Not after all the damage he's caused today."

"You're putting the workers in danger!" Charlie argued. "Just let him calm down!"

Anora was busy trying to convince the workers to fall back and leave the dragon alone.

"No! I know what I'm doing! I've been working with dragons a lot longer than you two!" Greg barked.

Charlie went to open his mouth to counter the man's statement but instead found Greg's wand directed between his eyes.


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