Hello Love

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* Harry's POV*

"It's time to start the show lads,"  Liam smiles 

"Yes dad," the rest of the boys and I reply while laughing.

Everyone grabs a microphone. We give our band the 'Okay' and they start the melody to Steal My Girl.

We walk out on the stage. I look around as I sing the song.  I spot a beautiful girl with ginger hair. The light hits her perfectly, she is beautiful. I need to know her name. During the whole song I look at her, and during my solo our eyes met.

* Kaleigh's POV*

There he is, Harry fucking Styles! His voice is like an angel, his arms are so big, his hair is so curly, and wait. Is he...staring at me? I look over at him and realize he's still looking at me. Oh my God! 

"Kayla! He's looking at me!" I yell at Kayla as I blush.


"Harry fucking Styles!!"

"Oh my God! He is!"

Just then our eyes meet. I can feel my cheeks grow warmer and warmer. Butterflies dance in my stomach as I look back. It's like he's singing to me and only me.

The song ends and they take a break.

(10 minutes later)

"Hello love," I hear a hot British accent say in my ear. It was enough to send shivers down my spine.

I turn around and see it's Harry. I mentally fangirl for a minute but soon calm down.

"H, hi." I manage to get out. Way to go Kaleigh, now he thinks your some loser!

"What's your name?" 


"Well, Kaleigh. You look very hot tonight."

I blush like crazy and look behind me. My sisters aren't here! I look around but can't spot them. Panic starts to set in but I try to play it cool. 

"Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself."

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Yes, yes you can."

He smiles and takes my hand. I stair at our hands laced together as one. I can't believe this is happening! I squeeze his hand and smile up at him. He does the same as we walk over to the bar and get our drinks.

*Kayla's POV*

"Maybe we should just slowly walk away and leave these two lovers alone." Olivia whispers in my ear. I nod and we walk away from Kaleigh and Harry. 

"Olivia, I'm going to go use the restroom. I'll be right back." 

"Okay! I'll be at that table," she says while pointing at a table in the right corner of the bar, next to the DJ.

I nod my head yes and walk to the restroom.

( 3 minuter later)

After fixing my hair in the mirror I walk out.

I open the door and hit something. "Ow! That hurt!" I hear a boy with a strong Irish accent complain.

"I'm so, Oh my god."

" Actually, it's okay. How about we go and sit somewhere and talk? I don't want to argue with such a pretty girl."

"Sure, but um, you're...you're"

"I know, I'm Niall Horan. Go ahead and scream," Niall says with a smirk.

"I'm not going to scream, I promise. But wow..I love your music and you, I don't mean I love you it's just I um, you're my favorite and I have your picture on my wall, wait that sounds weird I just think-" My embarrassing rambling is cut off by Niall.

"Darling, it's ok. Just relax." 

"Ok, sorry." I bow my head in embarrassment

"No need to be sorry, what's your name sweet heart?"


"Very pretty name for a very pretty girl."  

"That's sweet of you Niall, but why do you think I'm pretty?"

"Kayla, your not pretty you're beautiful. I know I just met you, but you have to trust me on this. You are really beautiful."

I blush and giggle while answering, "Thanks Niall."

"You're welcome, how about we sit at the table right there? Maybe I can buy you a drink?" he asks pointing to a table by the back exit.

"Okay," I answer with a smile.

He grabs my hand and guides me to the table.

* Olivia's POV*

"Um...I guess a red wine for me and my sister," I tell the bar tender.

He hands me my drinks and gives me a wink. "How much?" I ask, completely ignoring his attempt at flirting.

"For you baby, nothing." he winks at me again.

Without thanking him I walk away. In order to get to the table I have to push through the crowd of dancing, drunk people. Great!

I push my way around the pool of bodies. 'I'm almost there!'  Then two drunk guys push me backward, making me spill the drinks on the person behind me.

"I'm so sorry." I apologize to the man trying to wipe the red stain from his shirt.

Then it happenes; he looks up. I just spilled alcohol all over Louis Tomlinson! I don't know why, but I start to cry.

"Oh, love. It's okay! I'm okay, really I am." smiles Louis.

He puts his hands on my cheeks and wipes away my warm tears. I can't help but stair into his eyes. They were just so green and full of care right now. 

"But, I didn't want to meet you this way," I say, breaking the silence between us.

"You know what?"


"I'm happy I met you this way. If we didn't meet this way, then how? I would have never gotten the nerve to come talk to you. I mean look at you, you look absolutely stunning."

"Thank you Louis, I guess you're right. I wouldn't have talked to you ether because well, your you and I'm me."

"That's silly, just because I'm famous doesn't mean I would turn you down." 

"Well, thank you very much." 

"If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?"


"Well Olivia, why don't we go back to my flat and have drinks there?"

"That would be nice. I don't think my sisters would mind."

"Is that one of them?" Louis asks while pointing at Kayla. She's with Niall and it looks like their leaving for his flat too.

"Yep. Oh look, there's Kaleigh and Harry!" I reply pointing at them, who also seem to be leaving.

"I don't think they'll mind," he says with a slight laugh. He grabs my hand and we leave. 

Thank God I came to this party. 

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