Harry could feel Draco's hot breath against his lips. That's when he remembered, the sex ban! He pushed Draco away and he saw a pout appear on his lips. He had to use all of his will to not jump over and kiss him, but he has to learn.

"Oi! What was that for!" Draco exclaimed.

"You know exactly what that was for. I said no and I mean no!" Harry said crossing his arms smirking at the boy.

"Oh Malfoy, what did you do? He only uses that tone when he's pissed" they heard Sirius say, both boys turned around to see Remus and Sirius walk in hand-in-hand.

"I thought you had left?" Harry said furrowing his eyebrows at Sirius.

"No, I stayed," Sirius said sitting on a bed directly across from Harry's, Remus sitting next to him.

"If you stayed, where's Teddy?" Harry said looking about for the blue haired boy who is nowhere to be seen.

"Snape has him," Remus said.

"Now, why the hell, would you leave such an innocent little thing like that with Snape?" Harry said appalled.

"Because we couldn't exactly take him with us if you get what I mean?" Sirius said smirking and Remus hitting his hand.

"Too much information guys," Harry said shaking his head.

"Wait what?" Draco said confused. Harrys positive he's a little slow.

"They were doing what we aren't going to be doing for a while," Harry said smirking at Draco.

"Ohhhhhh, lovers tiff?" Remus said laughing.

"Not exactly. Are you going to tell them or am I?" Harry said looking at Draco who turned bright red.

"You wouldn't dare!" Draco warned.

"Try me, you said that before and that's what got us into that predicament in the first place. You brought this on yourself. I told you to quit while you were ahead but you tried, tried to be a smart arse and look where that ended you up" Harry said raising his eyebrows.

"Right, come on what did you do Malfoy?" Sirius said, desperate to find out.

"Draco what have you done?" the two boys heard a different voice, one that belonged to Draco's godfather.

"Oh this is even better," Harry said smirking at Draco.

"You wouldn't dare! It was more embarrassing for you than me!" Draco said jumping over trying to cover his mouth. harry just shoved the boy of him.

"Yeah, at the time. But the whole fact that you're on a sex ban is embarrassing for you so?" Harry said laughing at his, this caused Draco's cheeks to go pure red. Snape shook his head in disgust and both men just laughed.

"Oh, Malfoy. What did you do? Too needy?" Sirius asked raising his eyebrows.

"I don't understand why you're telling them this?" Draco said putting his head in his hands.

"Because I tell Sirius everything and then he just goes and tells Remus. Snape being here is just even better because I get to embarrass you like you did to me" Harry said into Draco's ear causing goosebumps to spread through his body, and blood rush to his groin.

"Okay, you were right. Please, I can't deal with this!" Draco found himself begging. In front off his godfather and Harry's family.

"Nope," Harry said sitting back on the bed satisfied.

"You're evil," Sirius said shaking his head laughing.

"Not my problem. He made it worse for himself by saying he would get someone else to take care of his needs" Harry said raising his eyebrows at the blonde.

"Oh, you made it worse for yourself there mate," Sirius said looking at Draco.

"Why am I even still here?" Snape said turning to walk away.

"Wait where is my son?" Remus said, realizing he was supposed to be watching him.

"Grangers got him," Snape said.

"No she doesn't I passed her earlier and she didn't," Harry said confused.

"You've lost my son, great. Siri, you stay here I'll go with Severus to find him" Remus said standing up giving Sirius a quick kiss on the lips walking away.

"Come on Harry! Please!" Draco begged. Harry crawled up behind him sitting down, so their backs are completely touching, Harry's package touching Draco's crotch.

He brought his mouth down to Draco's neck. They weren't quite touching but they could only have been millimeters apart. He breathed on his neck for a few seconds before whispering "no" and standing up walking away.

He loved that he had this effect on him. He walked towards the bathroom. He stepped in closing the door behind him locking it.

The next thing an angry, very hormonal Draco came storming in and pinned Harry to the wall.

"No, you don't get to do that. If you don't kiss me right now, you'll never kiss me again" Draco said, desperate for Harry's touch.

"You couldn't last a lifetime without me," Harry said against Draco's neck. He placed a small kiss on Draco's neck before slipping out from under him and walking away, leaving the bathroom and sitting back down on his bed smirking at Sirius.

Draco walked out and smirked at him. He walked down but not before stopping and whispering in Harry's ear, "two can play that game" and walking away.

Harry looking at him checking out his magnificent arse.


Harry walked around the castle, he came across an empty hallway. He turned the corner to see Draco there, with his tongue down some girls throat. Draco broke away from the girl and looked at Harry.

"See, Potter. This is what happens when you ignore me. I'm forced to take action. Ah well, I never really cared about you anyway" Draco said shrugging his shoulders and kissed the girl again.

Harry woke from his nightmare sweating, he wasn't sure why this affected him so much. He grabbed the hoodie he stole off Draco and threw it on.

He started running to the eighth year dorms. Draco had slept there that night. He spoke the password then ran in and up the stairs to Blaise and Draco's room.

He barged in, not even bothered to knock.

"Draco!" He shouted causing him and Blaise to wake up.

"Potter? What is is?" Draco said sleepily, standing up seeing the fear in his eyes.

Harry walked over and wrapped his arms around Draco's neck. "I lose" He whispered into Draco's ear before connecting their lips. With pure passion and lust. He pushed Draco back down on the bed climbing on top of him.

Draco still unsure of what's happening was unresponsive.

"Do you mind not fucking while I'm still in the room?" Blaise said standing up.

"Well get the fuck out then," Harry said angrily, going back to kiss Draco with force.

Draco pulled away shocked, "what the hell is going on?" Draco asked climbing off Harry.

"You can't speak to Blaise like that.

"I had a nightmare," Harry said looking down.

"What? Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?" Draco asked wrapping hands around Harry's cheeks.

"No," Harry said shaking his head. "What do you want then?" Draco said looking Harry in the eyes.

"For you to fuck me right now," Harry said "happily" Draco replied pulling Harry on top of him. You can guess what happened that night. 

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