The Nerd BoyxBoy ONE SHOT

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I walked into the gym locker room after school today. Why would a nerd like me do such a thing let me think, I'm the idiot who leaves there cellphone in their gym locker. I headed towards the my locker in the way back. I was really hoping to avoid the football team. I tutor half of them and that's enough jocks to fulfil a life time especially when your an openly gay student. I all of the sudden heard moaning I turned towards my locker isle when i froze. I saw the most sexiest guy. He was muscled and well lets put it this way BIG as hell in the penis area. He was but naked jerking off to gay porn. I thought I was the only openly gay guy in this school. The ones in the closet would never make the mistake of doing it in public let alone a jock! I coughed and watched as the guy came and he turned around to stare at me in shock. I stared right back in shock. "Couch Nelson?" i said completely shocked. The young hip new coach is gay? Wow! "Riley what are you doing in here?" he asked stumbling to get dressed. Getting my phone I said as I stared at his junk. He covered himself and said "I was just you know um..." he said looking so embarrassed. I walked forward and looked him in the eye "I never knew you were gay coach." i said as i wrapped my hand around his penis. He moaned and stared at me shocked. "Son this is inappropriate, I'm your teacher you have to.Oh my god, mhhhhh. god." he said as i began to suck his dick. He pushed my head in making me deep throat him. he was hard and long. I was hard too. He soon came in my mouth. I swallowed and kissed up his chest. He ripped my clothes off as he shoved his tongue down my throat. He liked it ruff i could tell be his hard grip and thrusting. He had me pinned against the wall about to ram me when he asked "Your clean right?" "Yes." i said as he shoved it in me. I whimpered but took the pleasure and pain since he kept thrusting deeper and harder telling me how bad i was and how i needed to be punished. It was a little weird but i went with it. He called me names and told me how i loved to suck his cock and loved his rough hard penis inside me. I was strangely turned on by this. We were coming in no time.

I was on the floor staring at me as he drew patterns on my leg with his finger."Hi I'm Jake." he said. "Hi Riley, but you know that." I said. He laughed. "Yeah well that was interesting." he said. "Oh you mean the dirty talk." I said. "Sorry. I should of asked you first." he blushed. "I kind of liked it." I said




"What the fuck!!!???" I asked as I walked into Riley's office. We have been seeing each other ever since that day in the locker room. "Why would you calm me down here. Your being mad obvious." I said. He laughed and I looked over to notice him naked. I could not help the chills that ran down my spine. "Would you be interested in having a three some?" he asked. "I've never have before but ok..." I said nervous. That's when a really cute guy came out from under his desk and they both walked over to me. They begain to undress me and suck and kiss all over my body. I felt as the boy Begain to suck my dick. While Riley and me made out. I then felt The boy shove it in my ass. I was shocked I had not even noticed. I tightened my cheeks in shock wich made him moan wich turned me on. I felt Riley enter my ass as well. I groaned feeling my ass spread open. I then felt pleasure as they thrusted over and over again. Riley and the boy both begain to talk and I could not take the immense pleasure. When we cummed I forced them to fuck me again and again. They talked so dirty! It was such a turn on. But it had to end...........................................................

                        20 Year's Later

Riley babe come on Joshua has to get to school. Hold on I'm putting Sarah down for her napp. I laughed and gave Josh a kiss have a good day at school son! He smiled in jumped in the car. Bye babe I said as I gave Riley a kiss. Sorry I'm late Jake where's Sarah? Up stairs she needs her napp don't wake her. I know "daddy" I'm not the worst babysitter she said sarcasm dripping her mouth. I said goodbye and went off to work. I have the best kids and the best husband.



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