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I take his hand nervously. I honestly hadn't expected him to open the door. I thought maybe he was beginning to doubt this whole ordeal too. Maybe I would get out the easy way.

That one second of him not answering the door allowed me to crumble back into my guilt. The guilt I had thrown away at 7:30 when I decided to be reckless for once in my youth. Now thinking back on all the reasons I wanted this, I feel entitled to this moment of guilty pleasure.

"You look stunning tonight, love." He interrupts my thoughts. I look up to him and realize he's stubble free and his jawline is sharper than ever. His lips a plush pink from the alcohol, which I can smell from here, I'm sure. His hair pulled back into a bun highlighting his jawline even more.

"You too." I finally speak softly. He chuckles opening the door to a beautifully simple suite.

"I hope you're hungry, I've cooked dinner and a little desert." He winks at me and I chuckle blushing and setting my things down.

"I'm starving." I assure him and slide into a bar stool as he works around the kitchen.

"Can I help you?" I ask him even though he just cruised around the kitchen.

"No, I'm treating you." He turns around winking at me. I laugh at him. I watch as his back muscles strain against the silk fabric of his shirt. I analyze his physique. Everything about him is twice the size of me. I can only imagine how big he is down there. I bite my lip in nervousness. I've never done anything of this sort.  No ones ever seen me naked.

"Alright follow me." He says carrying both plates with salmon and pasta, wine glasses and wine. I jump out off the stool and follow him out towards the balcony where a lovely set up is  displayed. Candles and the view is amazing.

"Wow," I gasp sitting down. No ones ever done anything like this. My dates with Nathan consisted of going out to some halfway cheap restaurant and playing on our phones with occasional conversation or perhaps staying and watching a movie while he tried to get me to do things.

"This looks amazing." I smile looking at the food.  "Are you sure you made this?" I play with him. He chuckles taking down his hair and ruffling his curls. Now that I'm facing him I realize he's shaved his chest. I think I sort of liked the manliness of his light chest hair. It wasn't overwhelming it was just a soft touch of masculinity.

"Anyone can follow a Pinterest recipe." He says sheepishly. I giggle at him.

"Speaking of..." He says.

"Mhmm," I hum urging him to finish.

"This daddy thingy," he says brazenly. I instantly blush. "Are you into the entire aspect of it, or more so the name of it?" He continues in a very formal tone. My face is about to catch flame. I take a sip of the bitter wine and gulp it down. I'd never told anyone that, and when I did, I was drunk.

"Harry, I don't-" I shake my head denying the truth that the idea of you're partner being solely focused on you, devoted to your entirety, actually turned me on immensely. "No, I was joking." I laugh nervously.

"Mila," he says calmly and takes my hand. I focus my eyes on our hands and anywhere but his eyes. He uses his other hand to bring my chin up to look at him. "I'm willing to do whatever will make you comfortable."

"Umm... I like th-the," my words get stuck in my throat. "I'm not really sure. I like the way the, um, guy is," God I'm so embarrassed. "I guess I just like the idea of being pampered and being the center of attention and the guy is caring and devoted." I blush insanely. I bite my lip looking down at my half eaten plate. "I'm not too much into the whole paci and coloring thing, that's a little weird for me." I try to chuckle but it just comes out strained.

"Look at me." He says sternly. "I can give you that, but I have things I want too." He says and I just silently nod. "From now on it's just Daddy. You have to listen to me and do what I say," this didn't come out as harsh as it seems it was more of a plea. "If I'm hurting you or it's just too much, just say..." He looks around at the setting "strawberries" he settles on. I look at the tin cautiously and nod.  "I will stop and we will make sure you're okay. I promise I won't be mad or disappointed you used the safe word."

Obviously he's done research on this. All I know is I like the idea of being controlled and pampered all at once.

"Harry-" I blurt out.

"Uhuh. What was that?" He tangles his fingers in my hair tugging lightly. I almost moan at the sight of his eyes darkening and jaw tensing.

"Daddy, I- I, this will um- this will be my...first time." I stutter, looking at him from the corner of my eye. He releases my hair.

"What?" He hisses standing up. "You're first time is going to be in an affair?" He ask incredulously and now looking down at me.  I shrunk in my chair feeling embarrassed. Now he doesn't want me, he doesn't want someone who doesn't know what their doing.

"I'm sorry." I whisper. "I tried to tell you, but..." I bite my lip playing with my hands.

"No, it's okay." He rushes to squat beside me. I look over at him.

"I understand if you don't want me anymore." I choke out.

"No, no, no. I want you princess," he moves a strand of hair from my face. I look at him hopefully but knowing here comes the cut off. "I think this may be a little much for you." He chooses his words carefully.

"I've already decided to do this with you Harry. If I really didn't want it, I wouldn't have let you kiss me or even come here tonight." I admit.

"I don't think I'm the one you want to loose your virginity to." He stands up. I stand up after him.

"Harry," I say before deciding to be bold for once in my life. I turn him around and plant a soft kiss on his lips. His hands fly to my waist.  I tangle my hand in hair and enjoy his plump lips on mine until he rips them away.

"I'm not affectionate. I don't want to be your boyfriend. I'm married with kids all I want is a good fuck for the first time in five years." He admits. I have to admit it hurts a little to say aloud what we already knew. "But ask me one more time, and I can not turn you down again." He begs me. I blush at his vulnerability.

"Please," I say softly.

"Please what?"

"Please make me yours." I finally blurt out.


Here we go. Have a great weekend.


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