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Fifteen minutes later Kira arrives at Malia's house.

"Hey hoe." Kira says walking into Malia's.

"That's better than being a slut." Malia hugs Kira.

"Don't start the conversation again."

"Guess whose back tonight?"

"Your side hoe?"

"No, Scott."

"Oh. Is he staying here?"

"Yeah it wasn't my idea, it was Stiles'. I'm..."

"It's alright. I can't tell you what to do and I'm not mad or anything."

"Are you going to talk to Scott?"

"I don't know. I don't really know what to say it's been two years since I've seen him. I haven't talk to him for a year."

"Stiles is obsessed as you know so I know a little about Scott."

"Oh well that's cool."

"I don't want to force you but it's a welcome home party."

"I'll come to support you guys and the pack."

"I guess you will talk to Scott tonight."

"I mean I'm pissed at him for leaving but I do miss him."

"So is Robert coming?"

"No he had a business trip. He will be gone for three days."

"So you are going to spend the weekend with Theo?"

"No I don't care enough about him to spend a whole weekend with him."

"I think you should talk to Scott tonight. Maybe pull him away for a bit."

"I don't know what to say or what to think. I don't know what we are."

"What was your last conversation?"

"I said I was missing him and he told me he would not be back anytime soon. I told him that I was pissed and he kept saying sorry so I hung up."

"Oh gosh this is going to be hella awkward."


"Theo is an asshole. How do you to deal with him?"

"I don't deal with him; I just use him for pleasure."

"I'm not going to judge you but you deserve better."

"I know Malia; you give me that talk over and over. I don't know I don't want Robert."

"Why do you keep him around?"

"I don't know. He needs me and I make him happy."

"I know he loves you, he adores you but he deserves an honest relationship. You don't love him and you deserve something that makes you happy and it is not Robert."

"I don't care much about what makes me happy."

"I mean I know that I've come to your house and saw you drowning yourself in the tub."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"You need to stop. Scott loves you and it killed him to leave you but he had no choice. He would die if he found out about your suicide attempts or that he was the reason why."

"I'm not going to tell him. Scott does not get that part of me that he broke."

"I don't like him for that. I think you let Scott dictate your life because you need him. You need him to be there for you and tell you what to do. There's nothing wrong with that I love Scira. It's my favorite relationship you ever had. Scott and you need each other, you guys thrive around each other, and you guys benefit when in each other's company."

"I know you're right. I love Scott more than anything and I don't ever want him out of my life completely. Everyone is right I have an unhealthy attachment to Scott but I need him."

"That's ok. You guys would've been together still if he didn't have to leave. Probably married."

"Well he did leave so..."

"Anyways the party starts at 5."

"Do you want me to stay?"

"Yea because it's three. And your outfit is bomb."

Kira is wearing a black long sleeve crop top and a short white skirt. "Thanks lovey."

"We need to open the red solo cups and pull some chips and shit out."

"Did you go shopping the night before?"

"I did and I bought some food that I popped in the oven it should be done soon."

"You're literally so trash."

"I am not fancy like you, bitch, so I brought some pizza, hot wings, pizza pockets, chips, alcohol, and Tostitos. Don't act like you don't like them."

"Ok I guess I can participate in this."

"You're so cute."

"Ugh you hush. I'm coming to this party for you."

"Love you, Ki."

"Love you too now let's decorate."

Malia and Kira decorated and laid out the food.

"I think I'm done decorating." Malia flops across her couch.

Kira laughs "I can't believe you are tired after that."

"That took an hour because you are so detailed oriented."

"I can't have my best friend having a horrible party or being messy."

"Alright Scott should be here in thirty minutes."

"Oh ok." Kira lies on the couch with Malia.

"I hope this isn't awkward for you tonight."

"Aren't the guests coming before Scott?" Kira asks getting up off the couch.

"They are, Liam and Hayden should be here in ten minutes. Lydia and Parrish will be in fifteen and Stiles is picking Scott up from the airport."

"So you are changing right?"

"What's wrong with my outfit?"

"You can't wear that."

"It's a tee shirt and shorts."

"Not even cute shorts and it's a plain white shirt." Kira says running to Malia's closet.

Malia groans into a pillow "Kira I don't need to dress up for Scott."

Kira comes down with a pair of floral soft shorts and a lavender tank top "Here."

Malia looks at it then changes into the outfit "I guess it's cute."

"I'm your angel."

Then there's a knock on Malia's door

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