Chapter 6: Different

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"New? As in I never had been here previously?" I asked as I shifted in my seat, my reality crashing down on me. My breath sped up a bit, I tried to look calm but I'm sure that he can tell. The fire bar tender came over with our order, placing it down in front of us. I mumbled a thank you as I looked down at the table with a sigh, taking the glass of ice water and I swirled the ice around. I took a sip to calm myself, I looked over to sans he was drinking Ketchup?

"Yes, I think that this may or may not be a good sign. You are Different. You have to be, why else would you be here?" He mumbled different questions to himself, I sighed as I popped a fry into my mouth. I didn't realize that I ate everything, so I looked over to Sans who was still in his own little world. My back didn't ache anymore and I felt more energized. Food did help, but how?

I've decided not to question it, as for a weird feeling developed in my chest. Something didn't feel right, something's wrong, but I don't know what it is. I stood up from the table in a quick manor, which drew Sans attention to me. I didn't know exactly to tell him, so I just told him this "Let's go back to your house, I want to check on Frisk." He seemed to believe me, because it was half of the truth. He lead the way to the door, and I turned back to see the Bar tender.

"Don't we need to pay First?" I asked him, he waved it off and grabbed my wrist. I felt the same feeling on the way here, my stomach twisting, and my head pounding. And.. And.. I see him again. In the same place, like he could not move from this place. Like.. he is stuck here. In this nothingness, in this abyss. With my free hand I reach out to him trying to grab onto him. As he reached out to me slowly, he started to disappear and I was in the skeletons house. He was just within my reach and I couldn't save him! What did he do to deserve living in between life and death? Whoever he is, I vow to save him.

I snapped out off my thoughts when Sans grabbed my shoulder shaking me into focus, I looked towards him. His eyes wide and in shock, I rose an eyebrow at him. He pointed towards the couch, Papyrus and Frisk wasn't there. Now it was my turn to freak out, I spotted a note on the kitchen table. I ran towards it, picking it up. The hand writing was not Frisks so it must be Papyrus'. I began to read it for Information on their whereabouts.

Dear Sans and Second Human,

The First Human and I, the Great Papyrus are heading to the huge cliff for our battle! I will capture this tiny Human and will become famous! Undyne will swoon when she sees this! As soon as I am done beating the human I will capture the second one!


The Great Papyrus

I signed in a little relief, but I didn't know where the Huge cliff is. I turn around to go over to Sans, but he was right behind me. I handed him the note, I walked over to the sink to wash my face. As I went to dry my face I saw the Knife rack in the corner of my eyes, I noticed a knife was missing. I blinked a couple of seconds before calling Sans over.

"Uh, Sans.. Can you come over here please?" I asked him, he walked over putting the note in his pocket. I pointed to the Knife rack, to show him the missing knife. He gasped, then a angry look took over his features but his smile remained. He once again grabbed my wrist, but his grip was hard and angry. I barely anytime to breathe when I was surrounded by white snow. Sans continued to drag me, he kept calling Papyrus' name over and over. But no one came. In the pure white snow was a red cape flowing, Papyrus' Cape, Sans ran his grip getting tighter on my wrist. I saw it lying on top of a pile of dust, and Sans started to cry. It can't be..


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