*3 weeks later*


*31 weeks pregnant*



*Anabelle's POV*

I couldn't believe that this day was finally here. After four years of stress, cramming in homework last minute, sleepless nights, dreadful pop quizzes, tons of classwork and exams; I finally made it to this glorious day.

Graduation Day.

I stared at myself in the mirror, looking at every single detail about myself. I smoothed out my baby pink summer dress and fixed my gold heart pendant necklace that my mother had gotten me for my eleventh birthday.

There was a small knock on my door. "Come in!" The door opened and in walked my brother. "You ready Belle?"

I looked at him, clutching my notecards tightly. "Yeah." I walked over to my bed and grabbed my gown, quickly sliding it on. Derek walked over to me, holding my cap. He smiled down at me as he placed the cap on my head.

"I am so proud of you Belle. If mom were here, she would be just as proud of you as dad and I are."

My lips curved upward as I pulled Derek in for a hug. "I know. Thanks Der. I love you so much." I felt him kiss the top of my head as we hugged.

"I love you too little sister." He pulled away from me, still holding my hand. "I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

He nodded before looking towards the doorway. "Dad you can bring them in now!" I stared at the doorway until my dad appeared. He walked into my bedroom and my heart leaped for joy as I saw the two people following right behind him.

"Abuelo! Abuela!" I rushed over to them and pulled them both in for a small group hug. "Hola, mi princesa!" I heard my Abuela say.

I pulled away from them and saw that my grandmother had tears in her eyes. I hadn't seen my Abuela since my Quince and before my Quince, I hadn't seen her since my mother passed away.

I wiped her tears away. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Oh you know we wouldn't miss our Princesa's Graduation for the world." Her English had gotten much better since I last seen her.

"Well I am so glad you guys are here. Gracias por venir," I beamed as I held her hand.

She looked down at my stomach and smiled. "Ay Princesa, your father told me the news. When are you due mamita?"

"July 24th," I answered.

"Y el baby shower? Cuando es?"

"Um, I don't know when Abuela. I haven't exactly been planning my baby shower."

"You let me know when. I want to come," She said, letting go of my hand. There was a knock on the door. I looked and saw Sean standing in the doorway, looking super handsome in his cap and gown.

"Hey! Come in. My mom's parents are here." Sean walked in with a smile on his face. "Abuela, Abuelo. This is Sean. He's my boyfriend and the father of the baby."

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