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**Prom Night**

*Anabelle's POV*

Lianne stood beside me as I looked at myself in the mirror. The hairdresser was standing behind me as I continued to stare at myself.

I was contemplating whether I should cut my hair short or keep it long. I love my long hair. I loved it more than anything. But I felt like I needed a change.

And maybe cutting my hair would be a nice change.

I tilted my head to the side as I played around with the ends of my hair. What if doesn't look good on me?

"Well? Are you gonna go through with it?" Lianne probed.

I sighed as I stared down at my long brown locks.

Change is good Anabelle! Just live a little and get the haircut.

"Okay. Let's do it!" I finally said.

Lianne smiled down at me. "I know you'll look amazing!"

"You really think so?"

"Of course! You can pull off anything Ana."

I snorted. "I can't pull off anything but thank you. I was also thinking about dying it, maybe? What do you think?"

"Hm. It depends. What color do you want to dye it?"

"Well I was thinking of maybe keeping my roots brown and have half of my hair a blonde color."

"So like an ombrè?"

"Yeah. I saw it in a magazine and I loved it! I thought that maybe I would look good in it."

"Hm. Look at me." I turned my face towards Lianne. I watched as she analyzed my face and hair. A smile soon formed onto her lips. "I can totally see you pulling that off. With your skin tone and the new haircut, I know it will really fit you."

"You think so?" I asked as I looked at myself in mirror, playing with my hair as I did so.

"I know so," She answered.

"Okay." I looked at the hairdresser and smiled. "So I would like to cut my hair shorter, a little above the shoulders and have it dyed an ombrè style."

She smiled at me. "Sounds great. Let's start on your ombrè before we cut your hair. I'll be right back with the dye."

"Alrighty, thank you."

I turned to Lianne. "You think Sean will like it?"

"Of course, that boy is crazy about you if you haven't already noticed. You can dye it purple and he'll still love you."

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