I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head on his chest as I looked at her gravestone. Sean gently kissed my forehead. I stood there and began crying once again.

"Shh. It's okay Anabelle," He whispered, as we slowly and gently swayed. He stroked my hair as he kissed my temple.

"I miss her so much Sean," I whispered.

"I know baby, I know you do," He whispered back.

Pain and sorrow was the only thing that I was feeling right about now, and I knew I was going to be feeling this way for awhile. At least until after April was over.

*End of Recap*




*Anabelle's POV*

"Prom is this Saturday! Words cannot explain how excited I am!" Lianne eagerly said. "I've been waiting for Prom since freshman year."

"I know! We've been talking about Prom since then and now it's this Saturday. It's crazy. That just proves how fast time is flying by."

"I know. And then Graduation is a like what? Three, four weeks after Prom? Geez, that scares me," Lianne added.

"Yeah, I know. It sucks that Derek can't go with you to Prom though."

"Yeah, I know," Lianne frowned.

"But at least you'll get to spend Prom with me, Sean and Chase," I said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah, that's true," She cracked a smile.

"Whoa!" I whispered, quickly placing my hand on the part of my stomach where my baby just kicked.

"What's wrong?" Lianne questioned.

"Uh, she's kicking," I breathed out. I continued to hold onto my stomach as she continued to kick. "Let me feel!"

Lianne rested both of her hands on my abdomen. Her face lit up as she felt my daughter kick. "Aw," She gushed. "Looks like the little princess is up."

"Yeah," I murmured. "She's usually active around this time."

"Is that why you don't sleep well at night?" Lianne inquired as she took her hands off my stomach.

I nodded. I winced and closed my eyes as I felt a stronger kick. There was a small knock on my door. "Come in!" I heard Lianne say.

I kept my eyes closed as I slowly rubbed my stomach. "Hello ladies! Mind if we come in?" I heard Derek say.

Lianne let out a small laugh. "Not at all. Come in guys."

"What's wrong with her?" This time it was Sean speaking.

"Oh, your daughter is kicking up a storm," Lianne answered.

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