"Mom, I'm really falling for her."

She smiled as she pulled me in for a hug. "I know honey, I know. And I think that it's wonderful that you are."

She pulled away and placed her hand on my cheek. "Between you and me honey, you don't want to let her go."

She was right.

You best believe, that there was no way in hell I was letting her go.

*End of Recap*




*26 weeks pregnant*

*Anabelle's POV*

"Belle! You ready?"

I grabbed my phone from my nightstand, looking at myself in the mirror before leaving my bedroom. "Yeah!"

I closed the door to my bedroom and began walking down the hallway to the living room. I looked at Derek who was waiting near the couch.

"Let's go," I said as I walked passed him. I opened the front door and headed outside to Derek's car. "Can I drive?" I asked Derek.

"Uh, yeah. Sure."

I took the keys from his hand and hopped into the drivers seat. I put the key into the ignition and started the car. I fixed my mirror before putting on my seatbelt.

I smiled as I pulled out of the driveway. "I can't believe it Der! After what seemed like forever, dad is finally coming home."

"I know! I'm so happy that he is."

"Is Lianne meeting us at the hospital?"

"Yeah. I just texted her letting her know that we just left."

"Alright, good."

The drive to the hospital went fairly quickly, considering the fact that we lived no longer than five minutes away.

Since today seemed to be a busy day at the hospital, I parked in a parking space towards the back of the parking lot.

I usually don't mind walking, but since my feet have been hurting a lot lately, I didn't like the fact that I had to walk this far.

"Wow. The hospital is pretty packed today," Derek commented as we both walked inside the hospital.

"Yeah I know. Don't you think it's a little weird for the hospital to be packed around this time of the year?"

Derek shrugged his shoulders. "Belle, this is a hospital. It can get packed whenever, doesn't matter the time of the year."


We exited the elevator and began making our way down the hallway to my father's room. I got the door and knocked on it, before entering his room.

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