Chapter 24

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love

“Evelyn…” He wiped the tear away with his thumb, but that didn’t stop more from replacing its place.

Shock and realisation hit him like a tsunami and almost immediately, he got back onto his feet and backed away.

“I-I-I’m sorry.”

She didn’t reply.

He took out his blazer and covered her with it.

“Evelyn, I…”

“Leave!” She cried. “Just get away from me!”

And so, following the wish of the women he loves, he did.



With watery eyes and a look of pure disgust on her face, Evelyn watched as Zayn zoomed away at vampire speed and out of her range of sight.

Evelyn looked at the blazer that Zayn had just placed upon her to cover her nudity.

She wanted to throw the jacket as far from herself as she possibly could, but she didn’t, because that jacket was the only thing protecting Evelyn from the harsh autumn winds that were grazing her leg like sharp knives. Instead, she wrapped it tightly against herself, tucked her knees under her chin and closed her eyes as she tried to keep the terrible memories of what had happened from replaying in her head.

A few moments later, Evelyn got up from the muddy ground, took off her crystal encrusted heels and began to wander away from the site of incident.

She wanted to leave, to go home, to see her mother, father, even Nora! She wanted to be somewhere familiar, somewhere safe; somewhere she doesn’t have to worry about Zayn’s cruel violence, his twisted ways and his almighty power over basically everything.

The Royal Palace was heavily guarded, and getting out of it without permission was just as hard if not harder than getting in. So Evelyn knew that there was no point in trying to escape, because it just wouldn’t work, but she wanted, no she needed to get as far from the site of the dinner as she could.

Scarlet’s words were replaying in Evelyn's mind as she walked deeper and deeper into the forest.

‘Whether you like it or not, you’re here for one reason and one reason only; to become the King’s plaything’

Scarlet was right, Evelyn was Zayn’s play thing and that though he claimed to love her, what he felt for her was still pure lust and he only loved himself, because he only wanted himself to be happy. If he truly loved her as much as he claimed to, he would have wanted the best for Evelyn and let her live out her life the way she wanted to, with her family and with Ethan.

Live out a life of a human was what she wanted; it was what she had always wanted.

A nice, peaceful life, a life without drama or vampires, a life where Evelyn could do whatever she wanted, when she wanted.

A life with freedom and choices that Evelyn could make for herself…

But Evelyn knew that she shouldn’t and couldn’t blame everything that had happened that night on Zayn, because as much as she wanted to deny it, she had parts to play in the violent reaction that ruined their potentially perfect dinner.

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