5.10. Pain and Trapped

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Chapter # 5.10

"Kuri soni ea...."

I frowned as phuppo leaned in whispering in my ear and I turned towards her face. "bus thorey kaprey dhang k pehney na to ziada changii lage" she added and I chuckled.

"Soni hea per engaged hea" I smiled and she made a face instantly I deliberately ignored the kapron wala part.

"Mein ne Asmara ko bola tha k apney kaprey de dey usey" She told me and I nodded in agreement.

Mujhey q bata rai hen Phuppo mein konsa us ka khasam hoon hone wala. Huhn!

"Shehryar?" my head spun back to front where I found her coming down stairs. She was now clad in a typical Pakistani dress; a red short shirt with a shalwar and matching dupatta which she wrapped around her shoulders. She was bare footed as she stepped down and walked into my direction.

I looked away from her face clearing my throat a little as I jumped out from that stupid staring thing.

"hayee! Kinni changii lag rai hun. hea vekh zara!" Phuppo slapped over my arm as she cheesed and I pressed a smile, Haya frowned before trying to smile at her.

"Thankyou Aunty! But seriously there was no need for this" Haya stated and Phuppo waved her hand in the air carelessly smiling. Haya turned her attention towards me.

"Uh, Shehryar! Could you please guide me for the passport office? Your cousin told me that they have changed their old office and shifted somewhere else" Haya asked but before I could reply her phone rang in her hand and she looked down at the screen. A sudden distaste appeared on her face for a split of a second she looked up at me before answering the call.

"Excuse me!" she excused and left the place keeping the phone to her ear.

"Allah janey kis ka phone ata hea, subha se teesri bar hea. Shaid koi tang ker ra hea bechari ko" Phuppo's words grabbed my attention.

My phuppo was a total FBI.... no CID is better coz she is dramatic as well. 

"kuch kaha tum ne?" Phuppo asked frowning and I smiled shaking my head. "kuch nai Phuppo! Acha wo apne phool mangwane thy na? mein Faraz k sath ja ker le aata hoon Phuppa ko rehne den ap"

She smiled but before she could start talking once again I jogged off the place. "Faraz!!"

Haya's POV

I rolled my eyes as he blabbered the same thing for the 10th time since I reached here. "Jawad! Its not possible am here for only two days so tomorrow I will be going to the passport office and you know how lousy these procedures are so I don't have time. But why don't you come here? We can meet"

"Acha where are you staying? In a hotel?" he asked 

"I don't know exactly but its some model town and nops! Am staying at a uh, a friend's place" I replied when he asked for my location.

"friend's place? Are you crazy? I thought you are in some hotel. Meri taraf aa jati tum yar!"

"tumhari taraf tab stay kerti na jab tum kehtey? Khud se aa jati mein? I don't even know the address and you already knew I was coming so maybe you should have reached the airport and received me.... no?" I tried to keep the rage inside. Idiot!

"do you really know how far the airport is from our place Haya? Don't be ridiculous yar!" he stated and I fisted my free hand.

insensitive and cold....

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