Cat Fish

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I don't know where my book limit is on my other account lol. I had this in mind and now I'm starting it . It's not officially started yet because I'm still working on my other books , so it'll get updated on a certain day ...or time. Okay , legoo.



I hopped off the bus entering my school adjusting my bandana on top of my head. Today is the day of the pep rally. I'm suppose to be doing some kind of cheer for encouragement , but I doubt I'll go through with it.

"So you doing it?" My sister said to me as we opened our lockers.

I checked myself in the mirror and smiled at all the posters of Chris Brown.

"Yeah , maybe." I put on a little lip gloss. "Wait , what's today?" I looked up at her as she sighed and rolled her eyes.

"It's Monday-"

"Oh my god , I forgot to text him." I pulled out my phone going to my kik.

"Oh my god really Nessa? You don't even know this kid." She adjusted her glasses & slammed her locker door shut.

"So?" I texted him good morning and locked my phone.

"Have you even seen him?" She stressed as we walked to first block.

"No. But I imagine him tall & handsome." I smiled fiddling with my history book.

"Oh brother." She rolled her eyes scoffing.

"Oh come on Violet , don't tell me you're jealous." We stopped in the middle of the hall.

"Me? Jealous of some ...some ... cat fish?" She laughed.

"He's not a cat fish." I rolled my eyes as we made it to class.

"Have you seen a picture?"


"An Instagram?"







"No but-"


"Oh come on really? Who still has that?"

"See ! Cat fish ! Cat fish ! Cat fish !"

"Well at least my boy toy is real , not some famous person I'm fantasizing over."

"Ray Ray isn't just some famous person , he's a beautiful , tall , unique-" she carried on as I tuned her out.

The bell rang as people filed into class taking their seats. Our teacher clicked and clacked her heels in grabbing the Permethian Board pen. She tapped in our assignment and we took out our notebooks.

"Here's the notes , and text book pages you'll be studying all week. I expect it in by Friday. "

"Oh , can it be partner work?" A girl raised her hand excitedly.

"Sure ,what a nice idea Crystal." She smiled added partner on the side.

Everyone let out groans and Crystal continued to smile. As the teachers back was turned someone threw a piece of crumbled up paper at Crystal , causing the class to erupt in laughter.

"Hey ! Hey , Hey !" Our teacher turned to us." Settle down ."

She waited a few minutes as the room slowly grew into silence.

"Okay , time to start the next topic. The partners will be posted on the door by tomorrow , no switching partners , and no complaining ." She sat down in her desk as we continued to copy off of the board.

The bell rang for us to switch classes & I stopped by my locker to grab my other notebook.

"Anyways like I was saying , he's most likely a catfish." Violet continued as she rummaged through her belongings.

"Ugh no he isn't for the hundredth and final time." I stressed closing my locker door.

"Okay." She shrugged."But when you find out he is a cat fish , I'll be right there to say I told you so." She walked away to tend to her class.

I sighed pulling my phone out seeing a new kik alert. I slid my phone unlock checking the message seeing it was from this morning.

TrippySh🙊t: Good Morning 😘

So I decided I'd text him now. I mean , that only makes since right ?

FashionKilla💕😈: Wassup ?

TrippySh🙊t: NM , You?

FashionKilla💕😈: Headed to 2nd.

TrippySh🙊t: Cool beans , I'll HYU l8r?

[Slang / Text For Dummies : HYU = Hit You Up ? ]

FashionKilla💕😈: Kk


I sat my iPhone down going back to rehearsals where the boys were waiting for me.

"Still talking with the cat fish huh?" Prince chuckled as he fixes his hair.

"She ain't no cat fish." I shook my hair tying my shoe.

"Seen a picture?" Roc asked.


"A Instagram?" Prince asked.

"No but-"

"Twitter?" Prod cut me off.

"No man but that's okay because I don't judge books by their covers. It's all about the words that are written in that book." I dazed away fantasizing about her.

"......Cat fish." The boys all looked at me as I kissed my teeth shaking my head at them,

"What ever bro's." I shrugged as we started rehearsals up again.

She just can't be a Cat Fish ....can she? Nah , I 'll prove the boys wrong.Maybe...


: Cast Call ( CLOSED ) :


Age: (15-17)

Boy:[ Roc , Prince , Ray , Prod ]

Description : ( Ex : You like sports , you like pink , you hate mess blah , blah , blah , blah . )

Looks: ( Ex . Not India Westbrooks 🙅 , Just A Normal Looking Female )

Relationship with Vanessa ? If so what ?

•Friends ?

•Siblings ?

•Violets Friend ?

•Class mates ?

•Strangers ?

Okay , that's all . This'll have a schedule to be updated okay? Okay . This book won't be stupid long either so sign up.

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