Liam payne Imagines

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You and your boyfriend have been fighting a lot lately. They have started over stupid things ending with one if you sleeping in the couch!Today made the fifth time this week and you had enough. You stormed down the stairs as you heard the door open. Liam was just getting home! "What the fuck Liam!" You yell. He looks at you annoyed "what?". You get even angrier " oh so it's ok to come home at 2 in the morning without even letting me know , you were gone!!". He pushed past you "DONT EVEN ACT LIKE YOU GIVE A SHIT!". You scoff "YOU KNOW WHAT I DONT CARE! YOU'RE RIGHT I DONT GIVE A SHIT!". You try and storm past him but he grabs your arm pulling you towards him "why are you being a bitch!" He hissed at you. Your eyes got wide and you slapped him across the face, something you've never done before because you hate violence. "FUCK YOU LIAM!", you snatch Your arm away. You were so angry, and so was he. "UGH IM SO DONE WITH YOU!", he yelled heading for the stairs. You were angry and hurt now! And you wanted to hurt him. So you said the first thing that came to mind "I had sex with Harry!". he turned around anger raging "you did what?". You smirked feeling smug as anger and hurt flash across his face. " I. And I enjoyed it, way more than I ever have with you". He stepped closer to you shaking with rage "take that back!" He spat. You step back feeling slightly scared but turned on. "No", he threw you over his shoulder sprinting up the stairs. You were really scared now " put me down Liam!", he ignored you. Throwing you down into the bed, he pinned your hands above your head with one of his. "YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET SAYING THAT", he began kissing you roughly down the neck, biting in certain areas leaving love bites. "You're going to enjoy this", you shook your head no enraging him. You were shocked you had never seen this side of Liam he was always so sweet and gentle with you.

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