A/N~ YAY! Achievement!

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Oh my glob! That took forever! Lol sorry i took so long in writing but hey! Finally did it! 2,000 something words ON MY PHONE! Achievement! And my first one-shot too! I'm so happy! Okay enough explanation points, obviously I'm not done yet with "The incarnation of Gaea," so there will be a part 2 or 3 won't say when it will come out though. The next one-shots will go in the order of~
1. Old!Oncelerxadopted!Reader
2. GreedlerxMultifaced! Reader
3. OnclerxChildhood freind! Reader
Through out writing these I will gradually keep working in the "incarnation of Gaea." And the vid on top will hint a tiny bit whats going to go down on pt 2. So I hope you guys like my little Christmas gift, cuz i seriously worked on this during Christmas eve too. Have yourself a Marry little Christmas and a happy new year!

Until then, have a cookie (more specifically a french macron)!!


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