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His long fingers made its way under my skirt and traveled up my leg. My breathing started to become erratic. Even after so many years, he had the same effect on me and I loathed it.

The feeling of having him touch me after so many years was sublime. But I can't forget what he did to me. Why was he doing this? I don't want to have myself hurt again. I can't give into these feelings now.

"Arjun, please" my moan died in my throat when I felt his fingers enter my panty. I withered as he held me securely in his strong and protective arms. His tall frame shadowed over my petite body, leaving no way for me to escape.

"Your skin is still so soft, baby" He whispered in my ears and my heart was thumping with great force. His husky voice and words tuned me on.

"Stop Ar..Arjun" I tried to rebel.

His fingers slid over my wet core and my heart seemed to skip a beat, for just a second.

"But your body tells me something else, Maya" his seductive, deep voice rumbled in his chest.

Just when I was about to pull myself away from him, he yanked my panty down my legs and I realized that I was at a point of no return.

"You aren't playing fair" I said and my breathing hitched. I wanted to stop him but his long and seductive fingers danced erotically over my skin.

"I play to win, baby"

Heyaa!!! I am back with another book! How are you all?? I missed you all so much!! I am super excited about this book! How was the prologue? Does it sound interesting? Let me promise this guys, this is not going to be another boring CEO story ! This book is going to be filled with twists and turns ! I have planned some amazing stuffs !Please let me know what you feel?? Really eager to know what you feel!

For the new readers out there, this is a sequel to I'm All Yours ! I would be really happy if you could check out that book . But you can read this book separately as well! Please do render your support ! It would mean a lot to me!

I give complete cover credits to Suganthii .She has amazing skills guys! Do check out her profile!

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