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(F/N) (M/N) (L/N) has recently joined the 104th Trainee Squad to train and become a Survey Corps member with two thoughts on her mind, one was to kill all the titans and the other was hopeful that her secret isn't found, because if someone does find out then they would surely send her to death...even though she is a demon and immortal... 

Please don't still this idea of mine and the story won't go like it those in the anime/manga, it will have the main parts of it, but I am going to change it a little for the reader.  

Information on the reader in this story:

(F/N) - first name

(M/N) - middle name

(L/N) - last name

(H/L) - hair length 

(H/C) - hair color

(E/C) - eye color

*PLEASE READ THIS WARNING* - there is going to be foul language, the reader in this story is going to be Satan's great great granddaughter so if your uncomfortable with that please message me and I'll write the same book for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of being Satan's great great granddaughter, and when the reader turns into her demon the only things that would not be an option would be the eye color and the facial features(the demon has different levels of madness, you'll see if you read on).

Hi! This is my very first fan fiction and I hope you like!


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