An Early Arrival

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NOTE: This is not the actual reservations.

Those will take place on Saturday, January 16th at 10 A.M, U.S. Central Time.

This, however, is a chance to submit your application early. If you've got a specific character in mind you're hoping for, this is the place to be. Comment your username below and you will be automatically entered into the drawing. Everyone is allowed to comment their own name once.

Want to Increase your Chances?

-Promote this contest. One of our three judges is always on, and if we see your promotion, you will be entered another time.

-Invite other people to join. Have them enter their username as a reply to yours. For each one you get, your name will be entered again. Remember that while having more people comment may lessen your chances, it also means we have more people willing to join, and therefore can start faster.

FOUR of you will be selected. We will personally throw each name into a hat, and draw four slips out. If your name is among those few, you will get to message this account with the spot you want. (Example: Fallholt Female.)

The judges will give this chapter a full 24 hours before starting the drawing. The results will be given on the 9th of January, giving you exactly a week longer than everyone else to submit your form. I suggest those who get this early entry make the most of it and put plenty of thought into your character.

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