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Brook's P.O.V

I felt something under me hard under me, it was the floor. I had rolled off the couch onto the floor, only me. I looked to see Zoe to see she wasn't laughing which no not like her. "Zoe?" she shook her head "Why didn't you tell me?".

I stood up looked down at her "Tell you what?". She huffed and stood up and looking me in the eye "You and Joe!". I broke the eyes contact an started to fix the couch "I don't know what you mean". She grabbed my arm and turned me around "I saw you last night, kissing him.".

"Zoe look i-" She cut me off "I'm so happy for you two!". I looked at her confused "What?" and she laughed "You two are so cute! And he's liked you for a while now so it's just, your just, perfect!". i shook my head "Zoe we are not a thing" she looked confused.

"But i saw you two k-" "It was a mistake" i said cutting her off. She looked speechless "Brook he likes you, a lot!" i nodded "I know.". "Then why wont you go for it?" i shrugged "Brook tell me!" she said.

"Because of things!" I shouted and she took a step back. I suddenly felt horrible "I'm sorry. I'll just walk home" i said and headed for the door. I walked out and shut the door behind me. i walked down the graveled path and down the sidewalk.

Joe's P.O.V

"Because of things!" i heard someone shout and my eyes popped open. Then i heard a door slam and Alfie shot up "What was that mate?" he questioned rubbing his eyes. I knew it was brook "Um i don't know." i said rolling over to sit on the side of the bed.

"So last night" he said and i laughed "What about it?". His face was serious "You and Brook, kissing!" i nodded "Yea, so?". He stood up and sat on the bed with me "What happened? why did she leave?".

I let out a sigh "She had been hurt my so many guys,and  i don't want to be one of them. Last night she wanted to go further and i told her no." Alfie nodded. "Your a really good friend to her" i nodded "I hear that a lot." Then there was a knock at the door "Go away Zoe!" i shouted and of course she walked in.

"What happened?" she said sitting on the other side of me. "Well-" Alfie cut me off "She wanted to do more, which I'm happy they didn't because i was in the room. But Joe told her he didn't want to hurt her so he told her no!" he said taking a deep breath.

"Who hurt her?" Zoe asked. I couldn't tell Zoe anything, i promised Brook. "um...people" i said and she knew i was holding back. "Joe do you know something?" i shook my head "No". She didn't say a word but got up and left my room."She is pissed!" Alfie said and i nodded "Fuck my life" i said letting my back hit the mattress.

Brook's P.O.V

I was about half way home and of course i was crying. I just yelled at Zoe one of my best friends, and probably lost Joe as a friend. I always mess up things for everyone, always. "I am such a fuck up!" I shouted kicking the loose dirt above the ground.

Then Zoe's car pulled up next me and i stopped. "Get in the car" she demanded and i nodded and got in the passenger side. "What have not told me?" she questioned and i shook my head "Nothing.". She shook her head "You are telling my brother things you wont even tell me! Brook you have to trust me!" she said obviously upset.

"Look Zoe i-" She cut me off "Brook you are my best friend! Either you start being honest with me or we can't be friends!" she shouted. The last thing i wanted to do was lose Zoe, so i had to come clean to her.

We sat there i i explained to her what happened with chuck. Then i told her the truth about Joe and I kiss, both of them. "Brook why didn't you tell me this?" i shrugged "There is more i havn't told you Zoe" she nodded. "But please don't be mad!" i begged and Zoe placed a hand on my shoulder "I won't be".