Chapter 4

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Soon as I got back to my dorm I stripped off my now dirty clothes and took a shower. I didn't realize how messed up I looked in till  I looked in the mirror. God, it's been a long ass day and with everything going on how in the hell am I still sane; oh wait I'm not really, stupid darkness. After my shower I went to lay down; as soon as I did I was out like a light within a few minutes.


That's it I'm done with this stupid alarm. And with that, the clock became close friends with my wall and my trash can. Dimitri was going to kill me that was the third alarm clock I've broke just this month. I got up out of bed reluctantly and got ready for my trials. I wear a black fitted tank top and black jeans. I wear my black con's and a leather jacket that Liss bought me while we were on vacation as I so often call it and put my hair into a messy bun. Before I left I grabbed my practice stake and my silver stake and hid both within clothes and walked out the door to the commons to grab some food; I was starving like always. 

I walked in and got a six-pack of chocolate donuts and headed over to the table where the gang was sitting. 

"Hey Rose," Liss said as I was sitting down.

"Hey, Liss, long night with sparky you look a bit tired."  She blushed and I knew I was right. 

"Oh shut up Rosie," Christain said while putting his arm around Lissa trying to comfort her.

"Call me Rosie again and you'll regret it," I said while shoving a donut into my mouth. He paled slightly and shut up after that.

"So have you told the headmistress about our decision yet?" Liss asked

"I was going to go over there after the trails today." Finishing off the last donut. 

"God Rose, how much can you eat?" Eddie said with a look of disgust on his face. 

"You have known idea, her appetite is legendary", Liss said

"Yep," I said while popping the "p".

"Well hate to cut this short but I have to go train with Dimitri I catch up with you guys later," I said while getting up.

"Yeah train sure I totally believe you, Rose," Liss said through the bond

"God Liss is that all you think about? Wait don't answer I don't want to know and for you information I actually am going to train I have the trials in a couple of hours." I said back

"Don't worry you'll do great. Plus you're better than any other guardian at this school anyways."

"Thanks, Liss,"

"Don't mention it love you, sis, you'll do great"

I got to the senior gym a couple minutes later and for once in my life I was on time. When I walked in I saw Dimitri reading one of his silly western novels he loves so much.

"Howdy comrade, do you ever stop reading those things?" I said while walking up to him.

"Only when your around," anything I was going to say was cut off by a kiss. And it was a kiss it so much intensity; it held passion, love, lust, release...

Right as thing were heating up and held started exploring he pulled back. I instantly felt incomplete without him. 

"30 Laps, go," he said trying to compose himself.

"You're such a tease," I said while walking towards the double door but right as I was walking out I looked over my should and smiled my man eating smile and said "You'll pay for that comrade just wait and see." and I was out the door I could only bearly hear a growl as I made my way to the track. Practice went by fast and was filled with so much sexual tension. He couldn't pin me once which made I the more hilarious. 

Classes were finally out, do to the trails for the novices and graduation for the senior Moroi. I can't believe that in an hour in a half I will take the single most important test of my life. A test to see if I can guard my best friend and sister. I know that everybody already says that I'm going to do great but this is different from being in the real world. For one, I can't use my Strigoi senses and I'm also worried about the darkness taking over like it did a while back. Ever since then Liss stopped using Spirit so neither of us goes insane but I still occasionally catch her darkness.

I was heading back to my room when I ran into no other than the infamous Janine Hathaway my Strigoi killing mother and the infamous  Ibrahim (Abe) Mazur my mobster father. Ever since the Spokane incident  and the Strigoi attack on the school my mom and I have been mending our relationship. I no longer resent her for leaving me at the academy when I was four and she no longer see's my as a reckless teenager- well most of the time. I met my father after the Strigoi attack and I quickly grow to love him as my dad, even though I would never say it out loud. I found out I was so much like him it was scary, I know where I get my reckless behavior and amazing hair from.

"So what are you two doing here. Not that I'm not happy to see you but really why are you her?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest. It wasn't that I wasn't happy to see them it just throws off my plans a little.

"Rosemarie that is no way to treat your parents," She exclaimed

"Janine lighten up a little she's not a little girl anymore," Abe said wrapping an arm around my mother's waist and whispering something in her ear making Janine Hathaway actually giggle.

"Okay wow I do not need a sibling anytime soon or at all so keep the PDA on the down low," I said while face gagging.

"Not going to happen, little girl," Abe said tightening his hold on my mother.

"Whatever, so what are you actually doing here?" 

This time, my mom spoke, "We came to see your trials. Did you really think we would miss this?" I saw her guardian mask slip only slightly and I saw hurt in her eyes. I feel bad for doubting but what can you expect when she was never in my life till recently.

"I'm glad you  guys came. Uh, when are you leaving?" It's not that I wanted them to leave but I have plans that will be executed.

"Trying to get rid of us so soon? We only just got here." Abe asked with only the slight hint of hurt in his eyes.

"No just wondering, but hey can I talk to you guys later, I was just going to get ready for my trials."

"See you soon kiz," Abe said

I made it to my room and had about an hour so I decided to take a nap; I stripped down to just my bra and panties. As soon as I laid down the sweet welcoming darkness consumed me into a peaceful sleep.

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